New Toro Recycler will not start

BlueskyesMarch 6, 2013

Just wondering if there is a quick fix before I have to take it in and then wait an untold amount of days before I get it back. As stated, it is a new Toro Recycler with the Kohler engine, cut the lawn 3 times, the 3rd time it took quite a few more pulls on the starter than the guaranteed 2 pulls, now, it will not start no matter how many pulls, will start if I squirt a little bit of gas into the carb intake behind the filter, but, it only runs until that bit of gas is used up, then it dies...does this sound like something one of ya'll would know about? Thanks alot ahead of time for any help.

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That condition is usually caused by fuel contamination or varnish inside the carb.

If this is your third use and all this happened within the last couple of months, I would suspect water or contamination in the bottom of your carburetor bowl. Drain that first and if you see anything unusual in the bowl, drain the entire tank and let everything dry out. You may have to remove the fuel bowl.

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Also check the little air breather hole in the fuel cap. Sometimes, a little bug will lay an egg in there, and it will plug up the hole, which effectively shuts off the fuel from reaching the carb!

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Since it's new, I vote for a blockage in the carb from something that was in the carb or fuel line all along. You can try something but it probably won't work - pick up the mower on the carb side about six inches and drop it a couple times. Otherwise somebody has to take the carb apart and see what's happening.

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I would be surprised if it is anything else besides a blockage in the fuel

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I have a one year old mower self propelled easy start, I cant get mower to start, there is no primer easy start I pull and pull and pull nothing. last year pull one time easy and it started right up now nothing, need some help on what could be my problem.. oh it is a toro lawn mower

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Guys: these 4-cycle mowers now have lean fuel systems for lower emissions. This means smaller orifices in the carburetor. It only takes a little speck of matter or a little varnish build-up to shut them down. If you use a fuel stabilizer/cleaner like Sta-Bil (put it in your gas can before filling so it's always there) you can get better reliability. Otherwise learn to service the carburetor or pay to have it done. Your choice.

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