Craftsman blower starter rope

richcarMarch 15, 2010

I have a Craftsman gas blower model 358794731 and after only a year of use, the pull cord rope snapped. Is this something a moderate do-it-yourselfer can replace, or should I leave it to the professionals?

Also, any idea where I can find a manual that would maybe guide me thru the steps? or a schematic? Any advice would be appreciated.


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I'd check with Sears Parts.

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Well, if you have a reasonable mechanical ability, and can get somebody to show you how, maybe you could do it. Just remember, when you have the starter housing lying in your lap, that left is right and right is left! When you get done fixing it, the rope must be recoiled, not laying outside of the housing! This before you reinstall the starter housing!
First one i did--took an hour. Second one, half that time, but it was off the machine.
If you manage to get it off, then check how it is supposed to turn. find where the knotted end of the rope is. Study it and you will probably be able to figger it out. Otherwise-take it to a shop and pay them to fix it.

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Did you figure out how to fix it yet?? If not, I'll tell you if you ask. Rustyj.

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