Lawn boy 5236 won't start repeatedly

rev20March 11, 2014

I have a lawnboy mower 5236 which is giving me trouble starting. At times, it fires up without issues and then refuses to start when I switch it off.
I have already replaced the spark plug and plug wire. It bears mentioning that the mower has been lying idle for 10 years or so.
It doesn't have the ON/OFF knob but it starts all the same. When starting it, I first prime it for about 10 times and then pull the cord. Sometimes it sputters for a minute or two and then starts and runs like it's new. At other times, it completely refuses to start.
What could be the problem?

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Sounds like the ignition isn't working sometimes. I would check out any switch on it that controls the ignition. Look for loose, corroded or frayed wires at the switch. If you find a loose wire, fix it and it still does the same thing, it might be in the switch. I might for test purposes connect the wires around the switch and see how that works. Of course, you'll have to cut it off the old-fashioned way while that switch is out of the loop - wear heavy gloves and pull the spark plug wire. :) Maybe you can get a new switch or adapt another one to work. You're lucky that old rascal still runs at all. Most likely, repeated starting attempts flood it, which would account for the rough running when it does make contact.

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It's also possible that your plunger is worn . That mower uses a pump type plunger that has an o ring at the end to provide a seal. Pumping ten times is a lot. It's also possible that you are flooding it. Try using fewer plunges and see what happens.

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