gas spill on my lawn

mdcountrygirl(7)May 21, 2010

Last week after a visit from a curiously destructive bear, who chewed through a FULL 5 gallon gas can left on the steps overnight, we are now left with a large brown patch on our lawn approx 5'x 5'.

The following morning we saturated the area with water & a weak solution of dish soap, which only seemed to make a bad situation worse by spreading the fuel to a larger area. At the time our main focus was diluting the gas that had seeped into the french drain system around our home filling our house with gas fumes more so than saving the grass.

A week later the soil still has a very strong toxic gas smell.

The affected area is right in front of our sliding door & highly visible from inside. I would hate to have to wait a year or more to have grass growing in that area again.

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Billl(z7 nc)

Well, you have toxic contamination. You can wait for nature to slowly break down the mess, OR you can remove all of the soil down about a foot.

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Since it made it into the french drains will replacing only 12" solve the problem? Won't the toxins leach into the new replacement soil leading me back to where I started but now with a bigger pile of contaminated soil to dispose of of.

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You could try composting that area.

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If I were you, I donÂt think I would be discussing this in public. If local authorities find out, very good chance the EPA will come out with very heavy equipment and dig the whole area up and leave you the bill and fine to pay. In addition if the gasoline gets into the ground water system or water ways, you are on the hook for all damages.

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Well the EPA is kinda busy right now, so you may be ok :-)

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I would still try soaking it out. Personally I would fill a 5-gallon bucket with 4 gallons of water and plunge a quart of compost into it. Swirl that around and immediately pour 1/2 gallon of milk and 1/2 gallon of molasses or sugar water into it. Swirl that and pour it onto the spot.

The compost is to bring in more microbes to replace any that might have perished in the original spill. The molasses and milk are food for those microbes. Then let the microbes handle the gas.

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