Rain Chain out of "junque"

scarlett2001August 10, 2014

I saw this today and wish I had taken a photo of it:
A rain chain ( to divert water from your roof gutter away from the foundation) made of all kinds of found objects.

The top began with a gutter strap inserted into the roof gutter, then an old funnel was wired to that, then alternating objects to pass the rain water on down: metal circles from an old belt, springs, a tea ball, spoons, etc. Each object was separated by a wire twist with a large colorful bead on it.
I can't wait to make one of these! Now if only we would get some rain here in CA!

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These rain chains are very fun LOOKING. I would be interested to hear if they really replace the down spouts most home have attached to their gutters. Do they keep basements safe from filling up?

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Good question! I'm sure you would still have to divert the water away from the house or into a rain barrel.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

rain chains just break up the flow of water so it doesn't wash away the soil under the downspout; you can put a diverter at the bottom to carry the water away.

We get so much rain here that my cement driveway is pocked where the rain came off the un-guttered roof. We've added gutters and pipes that make a waterfall into a fishpond.

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You're making me very, very Jealous! We are in an historic drought and have water restrictions, with a $500 fine for every time you break the rules.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

I lived in California for...um...decades. I feel your pain, and am very happy I moved to a rain zone--170" of rain a year. People talk about a "dry spell" when it goes three days without rain during the day. Night rain doesn't count, I guess.

And we're on rainwater catchment--our only water supply is what falls on our roof and is caught in a big tank out back--so no water bills, and I CAN FLUSH ANY TIME I WANT!

Aw, was that mean of me to tell you that?

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No water bills here either--private well. Yesterday we got much needed rain. I watched my gutters over flow and the down spouts gush. I just cannot see how a rain chain would be of any help, heck the gutters were of minimal help!! They are nice to look at but I think this is one sort of garden decoration that will not adorn my home. Scarlette, I have heard of States where they feel the government OWNS the rain. CRAZY!! I would hate to give up my rain barrel but I could not stand to live where someone tells me where the rain can or cannot flow!!

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