Snapper Rear Engine Mower?

higgledy(7)March 8, 2010

Does anyone have experience with the Snapper Rear Engine mower?

I have a 1/2 acre lot which is to small for a lawn tractor but nearly to big for a walk-behind (in terms of time to mow).

I am thinking a Snapper Rear Engine might be a good compromise.

Anyone have experience with the Snapper Rear Engine Mower?

Thank you.

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canguy(British Columbia)

They are a great choice for areas up to an acre or so, especially if there are tight areas. The simple design has not changed a lot over the years for one simple reason. It WORKS. The friction drive does not work well on slopes though.

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I bought a new Snapper rear engine riding mower, way back in 1983! I repowered it last summer. I have replaced the little rubber tired drive wheel once-last summer. I replaced the only belt on it-the mower blade belt--around 3 years ago. I've used it every summer as my main riding mower! I've had other tractor types, but the Snapper is always the best one of the bunch! Sections of my yard are around 40 degrees sloped. the mower trots right up, even when towing the yard carts. Has the Hi-lift blade, and the grass catcher. A large grass bag, and does wonders in the fall, with the oak leaves!
Only one warning--you can't stop going up hill, then try to start out, especially with a full grass bag, because the machine tends to "rear-up", startling the wizzies out of ya, but mine has never turned turtle on me! Heck, folks need some excitement from life, don't they?
And, it is very maneouverable. Tows a large cart with no problem. A quality piece of equipment!

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I once specialized in traded in used Snappers most of which I reconditioned before reselling plus we used them ourselves and a friend still specializes in them. I would hate to routinely mow more than 1/2 acre with them unless I REALLY enjoyed spending my time that way.

They are very simple, extremely durable, comparatively easily repaired if need, parts are available WAY back and very boring to use, not very nimble and rough riding.

We have now used Dixon ZTRs for close to 30 years and I would throw rocks a Snapper RER for my personal use. Even when I was dealing in them I would test a newly refurbished one for maybe 20 minutes then put it away and mow the lawn with the Dixon.

By the way, I have detailed repair instructions I wrote for some repairs and offer advice frequently.

Walt Conner

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Bought a 28" Snapper Hi-Vac two years ago based on some of the information that several of the guys gave me on this site. Love that Snapper! I got the electric start with the 12.5 hp. Easy to clean deck, just tip it up on end. The only thing I've done to it is change the blade to a Gator blade. The blade that came with worked good, but the Gator blade seems to work better for me, cuts grass and leaves real good.....

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to Walt :
Is the Dixon zeeter 30" good ?

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Well I really hate to answer that question because I expect you have or are looking at one.

It is not one I would want unless I had a very small lawn with "stuff" to mow around. The smaller cut the Dixon is, the narrower it is and the smaller the tires. Since they steer with the rear wheels, narrower means they have less leverage for turning and the 30" is as long between front and rear wheels as a 42" so the resistance to making the casters pivot is as great. Smaller wheels also mean less traction.

You said something else, Zeeter originally referred to the "new" style Dixon cone drive, the "better idea" that wasn't. The old Classic Cone Drives would last a long time IF they were used to mow with, not as an ATV. Also, the new "Z" Drive, Zeeter, is much more difficult to adjust and repair compared to the old Classic Drive. With out a model number or a picture of the drive, I can't really tell which you have but they started using the "Z" Drive in the 30" much before they used them in the 42", late 80s sometime.

Walt Conner

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As an after thought, IF the control handles pivot in from the sides resembling a typical hydrostatic drive, it will be a "Z" Drive. IF they come up thru the body in front of the operator, it will be a Classic Drive.

Walt Conner

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Hi Walt,
This 30" I saw at a mower repair place It driven by chains, but the control handles like hydrostatic. So the one used chains consider a classic Drive ?

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Both use chains, 4 of them, two short ones in next to the Discups that the Cones turn and one on each side from the jackshaft to the rear wheel. That part has nothing to do with Z drive/classic drive.

These should be lubed just like you would lube motorcycle chains though some people just leave them dry saying they attract dirt and cause them to wear, that has not been my experience.

Walt Conner

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hardin(7 SE OK)

I love both my Snappers and have used them for years. They are quality machines and simple to work on with easy to find parts.

I have had my Snapper 28" rear engine rider for 15 years(bought used). It is the perfect size for my yard and I am able to drive thru all the gates. The walk-behind mower I bought used for $35 dollars at an auction in 1997 is still going strong. When the time comes, I am buying Snapper again.
I keep the oil changed, add stabilizer at the end of the season, and keep the blades sharpened. Just like a car, if you take care of it, it will stand by you.

And as said above, every once in a while, my rider pops a wheelie.

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It's time to replace my old Snapper rider (27 yrs old), and I want another used one - maybe 10 years old or newer.

What models are more reliable? Are there any models to avoid? Is the Kohler engine as good as the B&S?

Any and all expertise would be appreciated, especially you, walt2002. Thanks.

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I have a Snapper rear engine mower went to mow today mower started fine, then I engaged the blade and the mower shut off and wouldn't restart didn't if anyone can help with this problem!


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I have two snapper RER equipped with 14 hp kohler command engines. I have had very good service out of both of them. they are about 20 years old. I have been using snapper RER since about 1981 and am dissappointed in the recent redesign / developments.

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