Birdbath and Lemonaid

itsmejoyceAugust 9, 2011

Many years ago I used to post here. Back then I made this birdbath and it has held up all these years. Now lately, I've been so depressed because I'm divorcing. I'm trying to find some things to look forward to, and one is that I can experiment more with junk and odd things in the garden in my new little yard. I've been looking at old posts here because I'd like to build a garden shed using salvaged windows and such.

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Marlene Kindred

Hi Joyce~

Good to have you join us again! LOVE the birdbath! What a great mosaic job you did on it. So sorry you're having to go through a divorce, but I hope you'll enjoy your new life and will come back again soon and share your new creations with us.

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Welcome back, we will gladly be watching for new posts from you. Sorry life dealt you a batch of lemonaid. Have happy thoughts for a new future. Your birbath is beautiful and it looks like it has held up quite nicely

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Thank you for the wishes.

I'm surprised and happy the birdbath has held up so the winter we just take the top off and lean it against the tree you see in the pic, so no water can freeze in it. Looking at this makes me want to do some kind of mosaic again.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Hi Joyce,
Your bird bath is beautiful. I'm glad to hear its holding up well. In a sideways coincidence my friend that I mosaic with and I are helping a friend and neighbor whose husband has left her, (or encouraging her really as she has really taken to it) to mosaic her cement birdbath. She has 3 little girls and it is a terrible situation. Being creative can help!
I think you should show your bird bath off at the stained glass and mosaics forum too, you'll get lots of encouragement to keep mosaicking!
Take care, and welcome back!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

You may already know where the SG&M forum is, (over on the Home side of gardenweb) but here is a link. Some of the same wonderful people who post here are there also. These 2 forums are the best!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stained Glass and Mosaic Forum

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Love the birdbath/table! The floral plate pieces really make it beautiful & unusual! Glad you are back! Jan

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Lovely craftsmanship, thank you for sharing.

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Welcome back, Joyce. Posted last night but guess my post was launched into cyperspace *sigh*. Droolin over that bird bath. It (basic structure) is identical to mine. So now I'm thinkin all my free-floatin marbles & such need to become permanently 'attached'. Yeah, another project added to my [long] list. tell...what projects do you have planned for your new yard? Just're startin with a blank slate! I see lots of creating in your future and if your birdbath is any indication, I suspect many here will benefit from your creativity.

An abundance of blessings on you in this new season..


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I can't wait to post some pics of the yard around the little house I'm renting. It's along narrow lot.

First off, I NEED a garden shed for tools and my bikes, since there is no garage. And oh my! The amount they want for those things! I'm hoping I can figure out how to build one and use salvaged pieces. I have some great gingerbread trim off an old house and some cool old windows.

I also want to make a little pond of some sort, either from an old clawfoot tub, or maybe a water trough, or any other ideas for this?

I have a small bottle tree form...and I'm thinking that an old fruit tree on the property could host some pretty blue bottles too.

Digger, you should go for it with your birdbath! I did mine because it was slowly leaking water from a hairline crack, but since I did the leak!

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Oh look at this! I'm thinking there will have to be a section of my shed or fence or something where we can tack our bottle caps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bottlecap love

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

The bottle caps are really cool. Good luck with your shed, sounds like you are on your way.

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Welcome back, Joyce! I am sorry to hear about the lemons that life has dealt you but I'm sure you'll make some amazing lemonade with them. If your lovely birdbath is any indication, we will be seeing plenty of wonderful projects from you in the future. Crafting is very therapeutic.

I have seen free garden shed plans on the internet. You could probably use them as a guide for using your salvaged bits and pieces.

Good luck and take pictures!

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Glad to see you posting again, and your wonderful mosaic birdbath. Hey, don't waste 'lemons' on lemonade, make yourself a Margarita!
Seriously tho, I am sorry you are dealing with your life being turned upside down. I hope the new path you're on will be full of good things.

I'm not sure if this greenhouse window creation will help, but its all that I could find in our Inspiration album.

hugs, Karen

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Great birdbath! & the bottlecaps is a cool idea, too! sounds like new garden stuff coming at your new place. Keep sharin'...we love pics! Jeanne S.

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