rmj619May 19, 2012

I ordered a bottle of Dimension and am havin a little troubling with the applicarion rate. I thought i would use a hose end sprayer but it looks like i need to use a tank sprayer. I have 25000 sq ft of grass

Does anybody know the application mix ratio using a tank sprayer or hose end sprayer

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I don't, but don't use a hose end sprayer in this case.

Pre emergents are generally applied in ounces, some even tenths of an ounce, per 1000 square feet. You can't get that accuracy with a hose end.

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Thanks. I just grabbed a new round up pump sprayer. I am going to try to figure out the ratio. I know i need about 9 ounces of dimension for 25000 square feet. Yave to figure out how much water goes in pump to cover 25000. Just havent opened box yet

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