Murray starts and then dies

bcurreyMarch 25, 2013

I have a 42" riding mower. It has a briggs & stratton engine. At the end of last year, I had some issues with it not wanting to start after it had warmed up. So if I mowed my back yard, turned it off to move it to the front, it wouldn't start.

Last weekend I got it out to do the spring time maintenance. Now it dies after starting.

This weekend I replaced the solenoid, the battery and the gas. I also took the carbeurator off and cleaned it real good, though it wasn't dirty.

I changed the spark plug last year and it's clean. I changed the fuel filter last year as well when I first started having some issues.

Here's a video I took yesterday. I sprayed some engine starter fluid just before recording the video. That's what helped it turn over the first time. After that, nothing. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

Link to video:

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By "NOTHING" one would tend to assume it doesn't crank, click or anything.
Cranking is SOMETHING!

I'd start by replacing the fuel filter.

Model & Type of the engine and/or tractor Model# could be useful.

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The mower model is 4250001x8. The engine is a briggs & Stratton. Model 31C707

Appreciate your help

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Since you didn't mention the TYPE# of the engine I'd suggest going to the Briggs website and downloading the IPL for your engine.
IF a new fuel filter doesn't resolve the issue, clean part 127.

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