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jacob.morgan78(7 Central Virginia)May 6, 2014

Early this spring, I planted what ended up being annual rye and kentucky 31. My question is when should I make the first cut? I've read and heard a lot of conflicting numbers. Anywhere from when it reaches 4" and cut it to 3" to let it grow as long as you can take it, then cut it back. The rye, of course, has grown faster and is roughly twice as tall as the K31. I'm thinking I might cut it to make it all about the same height and not take much off the k31.

What are your ideas?


I'm in central virginia

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Cut it already and don't think about it any more, the grass is ready.

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jacob.morgan78(7 Central Virginia)

You're right... just makes me nervous that the K31 is so much smaller and looks more fragile than the crazy rye...

I put a lot of effort into the yard and would hate to ruin it by cutting it too early or something...

Thanks... any more input would be welcome :-) I can't be the only one to over-think this stuff :-)

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I seeded annual rye last year in the fall, and went back early this spring and seeded fescue over it and now I have found the fescue grows better when the rye is cut down.

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