Ninja Penguin

tinfoilhatAugust 22, 2011

My 2 previous attempts to make something to scare off herons looking for a free lunch at the pond haven't worked out very well. Matter of fact, Duckman ran off with a heron last week to get married in NY and they are honeymooning in/at Niagara Falls.

This is his replacement, Ninja Penguin. I hope this keeps my fish safe.

Body made from car spring and engine timing gear. Wings are cotton gin saw blades and head is made from oxygen tank cap, cotton picker parts, and steel trap spring.

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He is really neat. I love him. You did a good job. I hope he keeps the herons away and your fish are safe. Thank you for sharing.


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He is adorable ... he may run off too. Those Herons are tricky stinkers, but hope this solves the problem... geeme

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Oh my, he is too stinkin' CUTE to scare off the Herons...I'm afraid he may be persuaded to leave home for cooler temps! Or, he may think he's a great 'scarecrow' & keep the Herons at bay! Great recycling...& imagination! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

LOVE the Ninja Penguin! He looks so happy...he may look more like an inviting guest to the herons though. Sorry those blasted birds are taking your fish! We've had problems with them too...but your pond is enormous compared to ours, so netting it would be out of the question for you. How about a shotgun?? :-D Shhhhh......I won't tell the Dept. of Inland Fisheries....what they don't know won't hurt them.

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Oh my he is just waaaaaaay too cute!!!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Love him! But what are his feet?

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He is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Adorable. He looks almost cuddly. Hope the herons don't think so too.

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Tin, I'm sure he will work. The Herons will probably die laughing!
But he is a serious cutie.

I wish your fish could be safe AND the Herons could be visitors. I find something quite amazing about them in the desert, and in our ridiculous heat.
(Gang, we're expecting records, for Aug, this week. Around 113.)

hugs, Karen

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Cute, cuddly, and adorable wasn't what I was going for here but I guess that's what happens when my only contact with penguins was the movie "Madagascar". A little more research on penguins would have prevented the shock I got at the pond this morning.
Penguins eat fish!!
And since no amount of coaxing and cussing was going to induce him to go vegan he is caged and eating canned tuna till I take him up to AR next month. My dad is such a softy that I'm sure that penguin will be hand fed shrimp cocktail and fish sticks for the rest of his life.

His feet are nails welded to sheet metal welded to 2 stubby rebar legs.

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This is so very cool! I love it everytime you post.:)

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As 'Skipper the Penguin' said: "Well boys, it's going to be ice-cold sushi for breakfast!"

Hopefully your Dad has a tub of ice & a DVD of Madagascar for your 'cute' penguin! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Ninja Penguin is COOL! Love him! Bet he'll cool things off around there for you and scare a few birds off too. You are an artist! Love him! I can hear him saying, "Hiiiii-yaaaaaah!"

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What a cutie & once your dad starts feeding him shrimp cocktails he will really have some bounce in his spring & might just go join Duckman! Hope you put a "return address on them somewhere! Jan

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