Briggs 575 EX

briggsuser(Surrey, England)March 26, 2013

Hiya, I'm thinking of buying a german (Florabest) 45 cm self-propelled mower. It has a Briggs 575 EX 140 cc engine. Has anyone any advice as to where this lies in the Briggs Line up and how well built /good it is? Kind regards to all of you. Chris

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I'm not sure if that looks Intek-ish or Europa ish on our side of the pond. Can you get a model and type # off of one? Both the above are good engines, but very occasionally a person will come up with a 12 series Intek w/ a hot restart issue that is a PITA.

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140cc should be a 9 series

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briggsuser(Surrey, England)

I've had a close look at pictures of it and consulted Briggs own website but not been down to the store, where they are firmly boxed.
It looks like a 550 OR 550EX but without a primer bulb and with a slightly extended filler neck.
Its most likely at the cheap end of the Briggs range as its on an 18" rear wheel drive mower for ã199, (about $250.) I expect alloy bore but what sort of carb do you think?
Regards to you all, Chris

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Look for a MODEL & TYPE number-
Should be something like-

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briggsuser(Surrey, England)

It does not appear on the Briggs engine line up and I think its a model made for Europe only. Its also used on one of the premium makes here - Atco's Liner S. Its OHV and Ready Start. Is Ready Start any good in practice?

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the engine catalog has a 140cc OHV mower engine with aluminum bore. This is offered with primer or ready start. The carburetor is a plastic design with a float. The internal parts of the carburetor can be taken apart for cleaning. The float bowl has a drain plug. This is equipped with an idle transition port as well as the main mixture port. This plastic carburetor is resistance to the damaging effects of ethanol fuel. The engine is offered with a paper air filter element and also with the foam element. This weighs about 25 pounds.

this is not the commercial design, but is intended for homeowners.

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