Worx GT - has anyone using this weedeater, trimmer

namnhi2(HOU, TX)March 26, 2007


I saw their infomercial over the weekend. Tempting to get one but... people said not to believe in everything they said in an infomercial.

Please give your feedback if you have use it.



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I would pass on it.
Take a good look at the design. The motor is stuffed in the head which will make the thing heavy and out of balance. And is the thing belt driven? If not what is that sticking out of the side of the head?

Just looking at it. I would not buy one from what I see on their website. Looks cheap built and about useless overall.

Infomercials. Yea right.

With enough money I could hire anyone to to go on TV and swear that Cat crap is better than slaw on a hotdog.

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It's a POS.

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I too saw the infomercial for the WorxGT. Frankly I hoped to get direct feedback myself from someone who had used the Worx. As to my own take on the infomercial, as someone who has used a lot of string trimmers, I didn't share the concerns about the design and overall construction voiced by Hippy above; but I am concerned about two main things:
(1) Will the Worx have enough POWER to really dig-in and scour even small patches of tall heavy weeds? In the infomercial, I noticed the very small diameter of the cutting circle. This is a tip-off that the power available may be quite limited. String trimmers need to be able to not only cut grass overgrowth onto a sidewalk or driveway, but also to scour the dirt and mud that collects where this happens.

(2) Will the BATTERY LIFE on a full charge be long enough? If I had to guess, I'd say no more than 15 minutes or so. Most inexpensive rechargeables use NICAD (nickel cadmium) batteries. These have a limited life (about 200 charges), and are weakened by frequent PARTIAL discharges and recharges. NICADs have about 1/2 the power of disposable alkaline batteries. Better would be NIMD (nickel metal hydride) batteries. These can be recharged thousands of times and have power about equal to disposable alkaline batteries, or twice that of NICADs. Best would be Lithium-ion batteries, but they're very expensive, and frankly, too much to hope for.
On the positive side, I was favorably impressed with the double helix cutting line. Its bumpy shape should slice through grass much better than conventional round line, and even better than star shaped line with its sharp ridges.
Unfortunately, I fear this advance may come at a price. Sure they'll send you "free" line for life, for just the cost of shipping and handling; but, if the cost of shipping and handling comes to $9.95 for each of those tiny spools, I fear it won't be much of a bargain.
Other than this, I would judge the product as OK. Its balance and design look good to me. The little wheels and vertical position for edging is nice. Putting the two heaviest components at opposite ends of the grip is good. The heavy battery pack located close behine the grip should balance the slightly lighter motor out at the end of the main shaft.
Buy it YES or NO? Not sure! Need to know more about the cutting power, battery life and the cost of the line.

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Sorry but I stated what I saw.
I would not pay $120.00 for a battery powered trimmer that looked like that thing. No way if I can not lay my hands on and actually look at it. I do not care if they showed it on TV cutting down a power pole and then using it to mix up 10 yards of concrete.

No way when I can get decent 31cc gas powered trimmers for less than $100.00.

No way when I can get a very good trimmer such as a Husqvarna for just $70.00 more or $199.99.

The "Free" Trimmer line for life is about a joke. I bought a cheap 5 lb roll (1400 ft) of .095 line four years ago at a local ACE Hardware store for just $31.00. I still have over half of it left stored in a bucket of water.

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I'll let you know as I just bought it. I have a great Stihl, but it is heavy for my large property. If it is as good as the Swivel Sweeper,another TV sell, than it is will be a great deal.

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Sears sells this product as well and you will see that there are at least two versions of the product. The charge lasts about 30 minutes at a time and the price for shipping the spools of line is no more than $8.71 for 6 spools which measure 96 feet. Looks like they are 16 feet a piece. I have attached the weblink for that page. The product itself looks like a pretty good buy. I will do more investigating before I commit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spools for Life

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Did you buy one, NamNhi? I saw the informercial and am interested, too. If you did, what has been your experience?

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Anybody have any feedback on the Worx GT? I'm interested to know.

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hello all. just trying to find info about the worx trimmer? not much except what they tell on the commercial. just fyi for you guys. i found a cordless trimmer/edger at lowes.com and it is a 12" and has two 18 volt corless batteries. i called the store and she said it was a pretty good one for cordless and it is on sale right now for $69.98. i am going to buy one today so i will let you know how it goes.

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Amazon has it for $100 with free shipping plus 10% off before Apr 30. Is it a good deal?

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Link

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Orchard Supply Hardware is selling the Worx Combo, a cordless line trimmer and a cordless hedge trimmer with 2 18v batteries for 99.98 with no sales tax. Today 4/22 is the last day.

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I bought one for my mother-in-law..she still likes to get out and work in the yard but she can't handle her gas trimmer any more.

I used it on her yard last weekend and was presently surprised. It is really lightweight and does a good job cleaning up around her pavers and her back deck. I wouldn't recommend a battery-powered trimmer if you've got a lot of trimming to do but she has about 1/2 of an acre and its was jsut fine for that.

I was most impressed with how it can work as a walk-behind edger...it has a wheel built right on the side. I was surpised how well it laid a clean edge next to the concrete driveway. I always hated edging with my trimmer because you have to flip it upside down and it's a real pain.

If you get one, I would get the second battery. I thought it was a pretty good deal at only $30 because my Dewalt batteries cost me $80. Although the battery lasted about 30-45 minutes, I needed the second one to finish.

I'm thinking about getting one for myself too. I've got a bigger yard and so I have to use a gas trimmer but this WORX one would be great for quick clean ups or for getting my wife to do some trimming. She claims the gas one is too heavy.

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hello all. just out trying my new weedeater. i purchased the Task Force 18 volt weedeater. it came with two batteries and the charger with flower guard and self feeding line. no bumping to get it to advance. i really liked it. with the battery in the trigger handle it did get a little heavy. all and all it lasted about an hour and twenty minutes on the first battery. i dont think it would be good for big weed jobs or bushes but for yard grass i liked it. i still have the other batt. if i need it and i only paid $69.00 at lowes. i also liked the quick load to change the line. also i was blessed with lowes sending me a ten dollar gift card for a summer project so i really got a good deal i think. hope this info helps. god bless and happy gardening

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Hey, I just got my Worx Gt in this weekend. It is awesome. It's lightweight, works well for trimming, and works great as an edger. I love it and am glad I ordered it. Oh, and also it is very quit. If you order it through the website or infomercial you get a free wall rack and line for life. The braided line works very well at cutting grass blades.

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Yeah I bought one from there TV ad it works great got extra line too. PS get an extra battery if you have a huge lot and make sure its fully charged first.

Here is a link that might be useful: grass trimmer worx link

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Is the free line for everyone, meaning if you didn't buy it from worxgt.com and purchased from amazon.com or anywhere else?


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I couldn't help but respond to the review by "hippy". You haven't used this tool, hippy, so perhaps you aren't qualified to give an informed review of this product? I highly doubt that it is belt driven, but even if it was that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Some of the most coveted and expensive circular saws are belt driven. That "thing" you see coming out the side is the wheel that you use when you twist the head around to convert it to an edger. The motor being "stuffed" in the head looks like it would be counter balanced by the battery being "stuffed" in the handle.

I use a lot of tools, including cordless woodworking tools (drills, planers, saws, etc.) as a woodworker and someone who enjoys working in the yard. I am very interested in this tool, but I too do have some questions about it. I am not entirely convinced either way about it, but I am leaning toward it being a really nice tool. 18 volts is a nice sized battery, and as a fisherman I know that this "double helix" line would cut better than typical round line. We fishermen use a "braided" line on occasion that cuts through aquatic vegetation, and it looks similar to the line the Works GT uses.

My gas trimmer is more difficult to start than I'd like it to be, loud, heavy, needs mixed fuel, can't really be used very well as an edger, and doesn't auto feed line. I would LOVE to have a product that makes these issues go away. The Works is one product that looks like it could do the job.

All in all the works seems extremely adjustable, versatile, and well thought out. I have been comparing it to other brands such as Black and Decker, Task Force, Troy Bilt, Toro, and others. I like that some of the others come with a second battery, but I can just buy another Works battery and not sacrifice having the nice design of the Works. I'd rather have a tool that is comfortable to use and versatile than simply save a few bucks. I'm all about saving money, but I am not cheap. I find the product I like and THEN find the best price available.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Site: How to make money with an online business.

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I used this trimmer for the first time this weenend. TWO THUMBS UP! It was quiet and the battery lasted about 45mins. I used it as a weeder and a trimmer. I wacked my lirope beds, which are as thick as a jungle, pretty easily. Could it be more powerful? Probably. But it did what I needed it to do. The pluses far outweighed dealing with a loud heavy gas machine. It really broke down easily into all the angles advertised. I have carpal tunnel and the fact that it's lightweight and I can make it ergonomically correct for my body is priceless. The line advances automatically as advertised---SWEET!

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Just received my Worx Gt. Does a good job. Battery lasted about 50 minutes. Handles easy and will cut the tuff stuff.

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Ok I read all these reviews before I bought it and after the infomercial wanted to buy it so I found it at fleet farm for $75.00 and I bought it, well lemme tell ya what I also bought a American Gardener Yard Stick that is a 24 volt, as compared to this 18 volt on the Worx gt, and yes im talking about the 150 model as seen on tv, well anyways the worx claims that the charge is less than a hour it took 1 hour 45 mins and the double helix line is a joke its really just twist line, grass gator makes this for like $2.50 for a 50ft package i compared it same stuff, its a twist line and yes they do last longer, so double helix, who knows where the chinese guy of this company got that, he started this company in 1994 and American Gardener has been in business since 1969 and the 24 volt yard stck won my approval over the Worx GT hands down there line is the .080 as compared to the Worx line of .065

My results, the Worx had what i thought in comparison to the 24 volt puny, and the auto feed line that was the one thing that actually worked, the rest all I was not impressed with, the locking adjustments were awkward tried turning it loose and it slipped and I hit myself in the face with it, another reason its going back, the edger is a pain again, the American Gardner you just flip the handle and wholla its a egder with more power, and thicker line, the other adjustments suck as well, that ratcheting sound you here, well folks after I reviewed it im afraid to say it will wear out, the bail for the flower bed guard thing , well that has like a 1/8 inch backset that is sure to snap and break off then you can just snap it under or ripp it off cuz itll be in the way, the line spool is tiny and dont hold much. 16ft, The American Gardener yard stick 24 volt in my opinion was the better buy it was like 80 bucks at menards and well worth it for a simpler product with more power that does the same and better, the only downfall is that its a tad bit heavier, but when you put it to the test like I did in a side by side comparison youd like this one over the Worx anyday, 24 volts over 18 for battery power just makes sense, I did my whole lawn and its still ready to go....Well I did my research and heres my results, and im a picky cotton picker, so try it side by side and you too will see the diffrence, then as like im going to do right now is keep my yard stick 24 (YS24) and got take the Worx back for my refund right now, and let some other sucker have it.....the link for the YS24 is below, thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: American Gardener Yard Stick YS24

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stripped threads had it right, after my review, its a POS

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That American Gardner Yardstick may not last...so keep your receipt. Read the reviews on Amazon.com. Then go over to Sears.com and search for item #07174805000. That Sears model looks EXACTLY like the American Gardner Yardstick. The reviews of the Sears model are generally poor. My experience seems to be consistent with most complaints about the Yardstick/Sears 07174805000: It will either stop working for no reason... the battery life will decrease rapidly... or both.

Pay atention to the reviews from people who have owned one of these for LONGER THAN A FEW MONTHS. The reviews are overwhelmingly negative. My Sears model was great...BEFORE it stopped working for no reason! It didn't survive 3 months of light use every couple of weeks. I would have given it a "5-star" rating in the first month. Now I wouldn't give it 1 star.

I came here looking for info on the Worx GT. I'm either going with it or the 18V Black & Decker unit (#NST2018). My 24 volt Sears unit is off to the landfill.

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Just wondering how long it took to receive it. I ordered mine on Sat. april 28. Said one pay so I;d get it in seven to ten days. It's been 11 shipping days,( M-F) nothing yet?

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This was the first item I've ever bought from an infomercial and I was nervous. I love my WORX Grass Trimmer. The price was so good for what I got! My husband loves it, too, but I'm actually using it more than he does! Highly recommended to anyone!! You won't be disappointed!

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namnhi2(HOU, TX)

Today is my first day using it. Compare to the gas power weed eater... Worx is really weak. The battery didn't last that long. Lasted less than half an hour for my first time use. I hope it will last a bit longer after the first few charges.
Think I like about: light weight, not noisy, not hot like the gas engine.

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I have bought this and I like it . I tried it last night and it worked great. I have a 1/4 acre and i had no problems on one battery. I did buy and extra battery and string. The spools are small for the string and it cost $1.98 for shipping for string here in TN. As long as you do not use it as a brush cutter I believe it will be ok. The edger did ok for my small walk. Hey Hippy the things sticking out of the head are wheels . the head rotates 90 degrees to use as an edger. Must be you did not pay much attention to the infomercial. Also it is enviromentaly safe. No gas fumes , no extra gas to buy at $3.00 a gallon.

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For $1.98, how many feet and spools is that?

I've got some from the FREE spool for life site, 6 rolls total of 96 feet for $8.71.

Just got the worxgt last nigth will try this weekend.

It feel really light.

Here is a link that might be useful: free spool for life

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I just used this over the weekend. Overall, it's nice.

Light weight
No wire attached
No buzzing feel after use like GAS
No smoke, environment clean
Not much noise, very low noise actually
Easy to use, my wife can do it
The angle you can twist thing is nice feature
The edger is also very nice feel

Not enough power to cut something else thicker which I don't
Battery life not long enough, that's why I got two
The line keep coming out too long causing it to twist around the spindle. I had to keep stopping a few time to untangle the line.
Line use is too fast.

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Got a few questions. For those who ordered a Worx GT..did you get it from calling the 1 800 number given on the informerical or did you order it at www.worxgt.com? How much were you charged for shipping and handling when ordering from the 1 800 number? The reason i am asking is that i noticed that www.worxgt.com says it charges $26.12 for S/H but if you order it directly from the Worx website:

http://worx.fox-international.com/products_lg.asp?groupid=41 they only charge $6.78 for S/H and also offer the lifetime spool replacement. Is www.worxgt.com the website associated with the informercial?

Here is a link that might be useful: Worx Website

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Power 2 Spare!!! (NO PUN INTENDED!)
I discovered a 12 inch 18V "TASK FORCE" Cordless Trimmer/Edger at my local Lowes the Model #: 248960 and it is sold with TWO 18 volt cordless batteries; Quick Âcharge battery charger; 60 to 90 MINUTE AVG CHG TIME; 7,000 RPM & comes with a 2-year manufacturerÂs warranty. The current in store price is 79.96!
Absolutely more than enough to handle my ½ acre property! Because I have medical limits I purchased this particular unit as its lightweight only 6.41bs!!! Additionally, the unit was easy to assemble.
I was able to finish the trimming around my property with only ONE battery with still more power to spare. Only had the trimmer for a day and so far --most definitely a wise investment on my part and I would HIGHLY recommend this excellent unit to anyone needing this type of equipment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Task Force 12

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Hey Topfuel, try taking care of your stuff and not throwing it around, it might help, furthermore I have now used it 3 times on the same charge still have not put it on recharge, this helps longevity also, most people insist on recharging after every use, well that shortens battery life, every battery on has so many cycles, so I will not charge mine till its too low, and 24 volts are the best, ask Tim Taylor from Tool Time, more Power, Arrrr Arrrr Arrrr!......The yardstick 24 volt is still my best, like i said before the way you treat it also has a big impact, Ive seen people throw there equiptment around and bang it, and if there is a wire that comes loose in the head big deal, remove the cover and a 3 minute solder job will fix it......The point here is if you take care of it, it will last, and the worx is just a piece of crap

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I bought the Task Force 18 volt battery trimmer at Lowes for $49.00 after using a $10.00 coupon I got for a previous purchase. It weighs 6 pounds it works good, heck I use it one handed most of the time. Comes with 2 batteries and I have used it a few times I am still on the first charge and the first battery. It is worth checking out. It is better then dragging a cord behind you everywhere you go , or putting that oil gas mix in the old gas trimmer and yanking the cord over and over. You just grab it and go, I like it alot.

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mark2far just read your post dated May 29 I checked Lowes website and it is listing the task force for $79 was there a special sale ? How does the edging feature work(no metal bits scraping and sparking along concrete edges such as sidewalk?) and can you use the double helix type line in it?

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I just bought one of the Worx GT and still waiting for it to be shipped to me.... Anyway, Be extra careful when shopping online for this... I discovered a few Phishing sites ( Fake Sites that steals your info )... Normally they will make it very tempting by slashing the price of the item and shipping... soon as you are done and need to complete the order, these sites will bring you to a dead end.... Notify your financial institution immediately if in case you fell into this scam....

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Well I came here looking for info on the Worx gt, but when I saw the lowes Task force deal I went out and bought one. I figure I would save some money as compared to the Worx gt and gain the extra battery pack although I loose the edging wheel. I figure the wheel will just collect dirt. I have a Ryobi with the edger attachment and the Task Force cut a better line with a lot less effort and time. I am sold on the Task force. It had been three weeks since I was able to edge due to all the rain we have been getting. did the sidewalk, driveway , entryway, curb side and back yard and still have plenty of battery left on the first pack. It's a deal. Now my wife can use it. No excuses to be a spectater anymore.

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to luke warmguy... I ordered my worx gt from worxgt.com website because it looks more associated with the informercial. both the web site and the informercial offers 3 payments options. the worx gt international charge less in s/h fee but you have to order the battery charger and they charge $59.99 for an extra battery while I got charged for $30 on mine. Both sites have the same customer service phone number, I think both are legal sites but differ in their marketing. FYI to all..., I own a black and decker grasshog 18 volts trimmer/edger. It does a good job but it is loud for a battery operated tool (makes more noise than my electric cordless neuton lawn mower). And if worx gt is quieter like other owners said and with the little wheels for edging (B&D grasshog doesn't have the wheels for support) makes it a lot convenient and easier to use. I will make a review on both tools once I get my worxgt.

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I have the Worx trimmer and I love it!!! It is very lightweight and easy to use. It is not for super heavy duty work, but it is for any normal work. I love the I can do the edging as well. The battery only lasts 30 minutes, but that is really plenty of time for me.

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DON'T GET IT! We ordered one and my son did not like it. He said it was not comfortable to use and clunky. He just didn't like the feel of it when weedeating. It is also weaker than a gas powered weedeater. So we decided to send it back. It cost 26.00 in shipping when I ordered, and they make you pay the shipping back to them. The 1st person I talked to when I called them to tell them I was shipping it back because I didn't like it said he would send me a prepaid shipping label in the mail, just wait on it. So I waited 8 days and then called them back and told them I still had not received it. They said they didn't know who told me that, but I would not be receiving a label in the mail, but that I would have to pay the shipping myself. They were actually a little rude about it. So my son and I began disassembling it to send back, but the shaft and handle would not separate. So we called them and they said to look for a tiny hole on the side of the handle and stick a paper clip in this hole to pop some sort of spring mechanism. So we sat for 20 minutes poking a paper clip in this hole trying to do this. I can tell you I was VERY stressed by then. I tried an allen wrench also, but we had no luck, so we called them back, but they just said that was all they knew to tell us. We suggested taking the handle apart by unscrewing all the screws and they said no, they couldn't advise that. Well that is what we did, enough so that we could see where the spring mechanism actually was, pushed it and removed the handle from the shaft. I then packaged it for shipping which will cost about 18.00 at the post office to ship.
I am telling you this to save you a lot of time, money, and effort amd so you won't be as stupid as I was and order this piece of CRAP!

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AMEN!...sharondave...read my posts above, they tell ya

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I couldn't disagree more!

I love my Worx GT. I got mine from the TV and it works great. I got the extra battery and i haven't even had to use it. I have a .8 acre yard that i have been weedeating and its working great.

I think you may have some trouble with really heavy growth but i for my yard its perfect.

I'd recommend it to anyone...my neighbor used mine and ordered one from amazon yesterday.

My wife even weedeats now...i never thought i'd see the day when that happened!! Thanks Worx!!! hahaha

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I just recently purchased a worxgt trimmer. I got it after viewing the infomercial. I was told that if I paid full price up front that I would get it within 7-10 working days. I received an email from the company on the 7th day after I ordered it letting me know that it was GOING to be mailed the next day! I didn't receive it until 2 weeks after I ordered it despite paying full price up front.

I tried it out today and I have to say that I was not as impressed with it as I thought I was going to be or as much as the infomercial claimed I would be. In fact it did not appear to have cut as well as my old portable trimmer which is a Yardmaster. It was not because of the fact that it is an 18 volt either as my Yardmaster is 18 volt. There were a few other issues as well.

1. It takes me about 30 minutes to trim my yard and with my Yardmaster it was no problem as the charged battery always lasts longer than 30 minutes. The battery with the worxgt however died after 15 minutes! Fortunately I paid for a second battery and switched out and was able to finish trimming.

2. The infomercial makes a big deal about how light the worxgt is. However to me it seemed as heavy or heavier than my Yardmaster.

3. The corrugated trimmer line does not seem to cut any better than the regular round line on my old Yardmaster. I also think 10" is not quite long enough. Also the automatic line feed did not seem to work all of the time. At times I had to manually advance the line.

4. I have to say the edger option with the wheels was not too bad. It made it easier to do by rolling.

All in all I would have to say that it is not worth the price I paid when I compare it to my Yardmaster which only cost me $79.00 new!

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I bought the Worx GT for my husband for Father's Day. I was a bit skeptical about buying a product from an informercial, but I made a good decision. My husband LOVES the product. It's light weight, easy to use, and does a great job on the lawn. My only suggestion is to shop around...Amazon.com had it cheaper and was offering free 2nd day shipping. I would recommend this product!!!

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I bought the worx gt using their online site and I recieved it in about 7 days. I've used it twice now on my .25 acre yard. The first time I was not impressed with it's small cutting area and weak power. I decided to try it one more time before shipping it back so today I approached it with an open mind....yeah right! The battery lasts 30 minutes (thank goodness for the backup) and although it really tries hard to do decent edging, I found I had to go over the same area more than once to get it done right using more battery time/power. The cutting zone is so small and in alot of areas of my yard I like to cut down to the soil (under hedges etc.) and with the worx it takes alot of passes to get it done.

I was actually ok using the electric trimmers as they were light and powerful, but when my last one broke I thought I'd try a battery powered model when I saw this on TV. The wheels for edging are ok, I guess but the "double helix" line was a crock. I got better cutting with the generic brands much cheaper. I'm a 50yr old female who loves doing my yardwork but this tool was a bad choice to make. Now I'll have to pay the $26.00 to send it back but another lesson learned....buy local!

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Help!!! I am so confused after reading everybody's opinion on these garden tools. I need help!!! I am a 58 year old lady who has to do all of my yardwork and I need something dependable that I can afford on a fixed income. I need a trimmer for use around my fence and a few bushes. I also need the edger for just the driveway. Are there any honest people out there who can help me make the right decision???

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Ladysmith -

Buy from Lowes so that you can actually test "feel" the trimmer in the store.

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I got mine and loved it when I got it. I think this next part is just me. I got the line tangled up and I would fix it and then it would do it again. I can't seem to use it without it getting tangled at the bottom. Now its stuck and I can't get it out at all. I do think the "idea" of the prouduct is good but I paid for the quick shipping (did not come for over 2 weeks) and I paid over $140 for mine total and its worth it only if I can get this line untangled. I did get the extra battery and it last a long enough to use it for my yard. Any ideas on the line being tangled at the bottom?

    Bookmark   June 24, 2007 at 8:06AM
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Oh boy did I just get burned. First off, I have used a B&D grasshog cordless trimmer #CST1000 (12 volt) for about 3-4 years now. The tool is flawless with plenty of trimming power and excellent battery life but the only problem I have with it is that it weighs a ton and I get arm tired after a while ( I know what a wimp!). So after reading the above posts I decided to get either a Worx GT or a Task Force 18 volt trimmer because of their lightweight. Well after reading these posts and the fact that many people were saying how little power and battery life the Worx had I decided to go get the Task Force trimmer today at my local Lowes store. Got it home, charged the battery (~60 min. or so) put the trimmer guard on the head and gave it a try around my garden edge. Well go back to the original first sentence in my post because that is how I feel!!! This thing has absolutely no power, no muscle at all. The grass growing around my garden is a little thick in spots and tall if I don't get at it on a regular basis. The B&D did a great job with it but the TF took forever just to cut a clean edge of only a couple feet or so!!! Took the original box back out of the recycling bin and put the trimmer back in it where it will be returned to Lowes the end of this week for a refund or credit to be used on a new B&D grass hog trimmer (so my arms get a little tired, LOL). The 12v B&D simply smoked the TF 18v in terms of power. Sorry for the long post but just a buyer beware for the Task Force 18v trimmer, very disappointed to say the least.

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yardstick 24 volt . like i said in my previous posts, 24 volts, power, power, power.....done and now im enjoyin my beer, yum....enough said...period

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Costco.com 99.99 delivered... How can you beat that? All I need is for it to work on small stuff and lessen the amount of time I need to use my gas trimmer. That is why Costco is such an awesome store, allows you to try new things risk free. If it is a piece then I just take it back and no worries...

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gas trimmers are virtually smokeless if right type and the right amount of oil is used.i have a worx gt and use it on my light duty work in my mowing business,have used gas powered trimmers and edgers for twenty years and have no problem with them being smoky or hard to operate.the worx gt 150 is an excellent product and would recommend it to everyone.definitely thumbs up.

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This is a good trimmer. It is virtually identical to the TaskForce Weedeater. I used my TaskForce for the first time yesterday and I agree with hoss 57. For light duty weedeating, the WorxGT is probably perfect. However, even though I had plenty of battery left in my TaskForce after 35 minutes of weedeating. I had to get the ol' Gas Trimmer out because I live on the farm and some of my "weeds" have become bushes/trees. Definately not a job for a cordless trimmer. However, mine seemed to be powerful enough for all my weeds and trimming (short of the weeds that have a stem as thick as a pencil). I could use it to cut them down too, but why waste the battery on that when the gas powered one just rips right through them. If it's true trimming that you want, then this these trimmers do a good job.

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Well just ordered mine.
Read reviews and didn't see any notes about some of the features I like the most, and why I ordered.
1. Can adjust head - Have a trusty old Tanaka- has served me very well but is it heavy and the head is made for some one 5'9" and at 6'2" I have to bend over to get the angle I want. The old back doesn't like that much so my yard suffers. Have 1.5 acres in TX hill country. Only need to trim occasionally most years. This is one of those rainy years.
2. Adjustable length neck- for various needs.
3. Wall rack, recharge station on wall and storage - like to keep a tidy garage.
4th but not last =light enough my wife can use it. She likes helping in the yard but could never handle anything like that mighty 22-year-old Takana. This will immediately cut down my workload! How much is that worth.. HA!

$150.00 ? could spend that much today loading the boat and going to the coast...fuel for truck and boat..bait. beer...
Not worth worrying about $50-$75 difference and I just may have more time to get there now.
Heck, this could actually end up cost me a lot more money in the long run but I'll have a lot more (overdue) fun.
Anyone have a contact number there I'd like to track this via UPS online services.

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For a little bit more you can get an Echo and have plenty of power and a product that will last you many many years.. not to mention a 5 year warranty. Sorry to sound like a sales add but I just got one about 2 months ago and love it :)

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First things first. For me I like to put my hands on whatever it is that I want to buy. Not holding the item and not being able to inspecting it for Quality leaves open the door for making a big mistake. You have a 50 50 chancel that you get what you want. When buying an item from a TV infremercial you cut your chances of getting right. At the store you can see it hold it inspect it and sometimes use it. Plus you can talk to someone about it before you buy it. And if you don't like it take it back and do some shopping all at the same time.

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Ordered the worxs gt, but still have not received it. They did finally ship it to me after having it backordered for a while, but it was while I was away on vacation so UPS returned it. So I haven't yet been able to try it out. I'm kinda thinking about letting them keep it though. I'm always leery of a company that engages in false advertisment and have been having second thoughts ever since I called in my order. On the infomercial they falsely advertise that if you call right then you will receive a free lifetime supply of the trimmer string, but when you call in your order they don't even mention it and if you ask about the string they tell you you get three rolls. If you tell them what the tv said about the lifetime supply of the string they reply that they don't know anything about that and give you the number for customer service which unfortunately is only open while I'm working. I should have said no as I was ordering, but I'm not as decisive as I should be and I think they count on that. Anytime a company engages in false advertisement about any part of its product it makes me leery. I just wondered what the catch was: the trimmer itself is lousy or the string is expensive? Anyone else get the runaround on the lifetime supply of string?

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I order a worx gt a few months ago. I have a small yard in Hawaii with seashore grass. The battery lasts only about 15 minutes and to motor is very weak. I had to recharge battery two times to do my 5000 sq. feet lot. I would not recommend this. I ordered the string since mine was from Amazon and not free. I paid 35 dollars to two spools of string. I would give this machine away free.

I looked at Consumer SEarch and they recommended an electric one for my needs. (no tall grass). It was 39 bucks at Lowes. (Troybilt). I used it for the first time today. I could not believe how powerful it was compared to the Worx. like 3 times the power. I loved it. Way better than the Worx.

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I think this tool is just fine - it worx for me! I do agree the battery doesnt last too long - at first only about 20 minutes, but like all rechargeable batteries, you need to completely charge, and completely discharge the battery a few times to get the best charge after a few times. I have a lot of plants, grass, bushes, and trees in both the front and back yard, and I was able to do a beautiful job with this trimmer, without getting tired. My 65 yr old mother was able to use it with ease as well. If you have heavy duty work, maybe you should get something else, but for the average homeowner this trimmer is waaaay easier than dragging out a long extension cord or trying to start the gas trimmer, (which burned me once!). Also, you get the "free" trimmer line (6 rolls) for only about $6-$7 S & H from the worxpowertools.com website. I am happy with my purchase and plan to take care of this tool.

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I finally received my worx gt that I ordered 3 weeks ago (been told its on backorder) and tried it the next day. Here's my review on the tool. It works well if you use it to maintain your grass on a regular basis. But if you let your grass get bushy, the worx gt is not a good tool. It may work but you need several passes to get the job done. I think the power of this tool is just bit above average. My B&D grasshog got more power cause it can trim and edge even on bushy grass (though makes more noise than the worx gt). I am keeping my worx gt because I trim and edge my grass in regular basis (meaning I don't let the grass gets bushy) and also keeping my B&D grass hog when the need arises (when I go on vacation or daily rain refrain me from doing yard work). Contrary to some reviews, I have no problem with the spools ( only use one and still have some left) and no problem with the battery (I fully charged it before using and one battery is sufficient for the job). Nice thing about this tool, it is the light weight, cordless, no maintenance, less noise and the little wheels that guide me when edging. Bad thing is, it really need more power to get hard job done. But so far it works well for me. this tool is not so bad and so good either. I'll think its average and give it 3 stars.

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Even if it works wonderfully this year, it will deteriorate by next year, and the year after as the batteries inevidably tire out. Within a couple or years you will break the bank on new bateries witch will cost more than the whole unit. I will wadger dollors to donuts by year 3 the batteries will get you through 1/2 your lawn!.
The only susceece I've had with cordless are Makita Drills, Even my 400.00 Dewalt was a pos (work payed for it) You wasted your money.

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My suggestion is...Go to Lowe's puchase a Task Force 18 volt Cordless Weedeater/Trimmer. It is almost exactly like the WorxGT. It is lightweight, quiet, extendable shaft, flips for edging, flower guard, pivoting head, automatic line feed, 2...not one battery, and best of all...it's only $79.96. Try this out and if you don't like it, take it back to Lowe's and you not out any money. This is better than buying it when you're not really sure.

I have a Task Force and love it. With 2 batteries, it's a steal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowe's Task Force 18volt Cordless Trimmer

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So no one on here would really recommend getting the WORXGT??? I was looking at the TASK FORCE on lowes.com and it looks to have the same features as the WORX, plus its cheaper and comes with 2 batteries. Also, your not having to pay for shipping and you're not having to wait around for the item to arrive. I personally would get the TASK FORCE.

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I personally would get the TASK FORCE.
Posted by mmartin37 (My Page) on Sun, Jul 15, 07 at 11:14
May the force be with you !

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namnhi2(HOU, TX)

Stay away from this POS. I got it less than 3 months and it already broken. This POS did nothing when I pull the trigger. The battery is fully charged. Call their customer service got no help because I bought it from Amazon.com.

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Okay, so I am now convinced to not buy the Worx.

So any help for me to choose between the Yardstick and the Taskforce?

Yardstick has;
.08 thick cord
edger guide
one touch swivel
adjustable handle
battery goes to other lawntools

Task Force:
much lighter
2 batteries- I'd only need one
pivoting head
ok this also has one touch trimmer to header, but no guide
auto string feed- which I don't know if I can trust

I know I'm leaning towards the stick, just would like more input.


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The Task Force DOES have the edger guide. The two batteries come in handy. The auto string feed works great for me. The batteries for the Task Force goes for some other Task Force lawn tools also. Probably not quite the selection though. I know that there is at least a hedge trimmer. Hope this helps with your decision.

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I have the task force weed trimmer and it works great Im in a wheelchair and its light enought for me to use it. The only thing is I cant get replacement string for it. I have went to 3 stores in my area and the workers tell me that lowes no longer carries the replacement cart. for this trimmer. So as of right now its no good to me. But I was really happy with the trimmer.

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My mom purchased the Sears model which is identical and I can tel you it is junk. The auto feeding line is ok but it frequently keeps on spitting it out after it just did it. You will be using a ton of line. It is very awkward to use and has very little power. Also there seems to be a problem with charging it. The light on the charger is supposed to be red when charging and turn green when charged after 2 days it never turned green. I would stay away from this as I doubt it will make a second season. It is a very small cutting diameter maybe 6 inches but really only about 2 inches of string are cutting. My arm was very sore after using it for 30 minutes until the battery dies. I have a Makita that weighs bout 9 pounds an my arm never get sore even though it is heavier in weight it is better balanced for both arms to take the weight. It also cuts so much faster and is about 10 years old with lots of life left. I got it for about $130 on sale back then but online you can pick them up between $150-199 and they are a bargain at that. Very comparable to a commercial Stihl but lighter. Avoid the WorxGT like the plague. It will do some work but not compared to a gas model. Rechargeable are getting better but the batteries are most important. I have an Echo hedge trimmer that is rechargeable with a battery backpack. It is a bit heavy but as a backpack it is fine and it does very good.

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I've been using my Worx GT, for a couple of months and am VERY happy with it. Having only the use of one arm and needing to do weekly landscaping for an elderly cousin, this unit is much easier to use than either my old gas or her new electric (corded) unit. I have found that it takes about 1.5 batteries to completely do her almost one acre yard.

Following the instructions, I totally discharge the batteries before placing them in the charger.
And,I don't mind that it takes between 1.5 & 2 hours to recharge each battery. It has been doing great, until two days ago. After about 2.5 hours, I noticed a smell coming from the area of the charger. When I looked, I noticed the battery had actually split open at the seam and the charger had neither light on. I immediately unplugged the unit, took everything outside and took the battery out of the charger. When I was separating it from the charger, the battery spit and popped. I thought it may start leaking, but that never happened. The battery is now cold, but is shaped very different than before. The charger (though showing NO signs of damage) fails to light up at all.

Upon contacting "Lamar" at Customer Service, He was able to get authorization to expedite a new charger and battery to me (although the batteries are currently on "back order"). This way I will be able to keep up my cousin's yard.

I just wanted to be able to let others know that this could happen, so users would NOT LEAVE THE CHARGING BATTERY UNATTENDED!!! Who knows, if I wasn't home, this may have started a fire... And for this reason ONLY, am I unable to give this product 5 stars.

After reading the other entries on this item, I find it hard to imagine we are talking about the same product. Although I knew going into this transaction that this would not be as powerful as a gas powered unit, it performs as good as an electric (corded) Toro trimmer. And the edging feature makes her lawn areas look nice & clean. If anyone feels this comment is a "plant," they can email me for verification.

Thanks, Worx, for a very helpful product.

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I just returned my WorxGT trimmer for a refund.
While it is convenient not to have to nurse a gas-powered unit. I find that the WorxGT is just too underpowered to be a serious tool. The wheeled trimmer feature is a nice idea, but the end of the cutting line is just barely long enough to reach the sidewalk. As a result, I found that I needed to keep retracing my path or I would only get a nice groove cut in the grass, rather than a trimmed edge. Any grass clippings tend to stick to the wheels, raising the cutting line further above the surface.
The automatic line feed, which feeds a small length of line every time you pull the trigger, is not flawless either. I frequently had to tug at the line to help it extend. One time, the line snapped in the spool, which I had to remove from the unit and then probe around to find the broken end.
I suspected that the promise of free cutting line for life was bogus, and found that they make money by charging for "shipping and handling." It would be much simpler and cheaper to buy a spool of .065 line and reload the spools yourself. My experience with the broken line convinced me that they canÂt do a better job of winding the spools than I can.
Before deciding to return the unit, I decided to try it on some heavier weeds across the street. The WorxGT was almost comically inadequate. I brought over my gas trimmer and it cut through them like a hot knife through butter.
I noticed that the return address was within driving distance from my house, so I thought I would save the shipping costs by dropping it off in person. My wife called and was told that I couldnÂt do that, because it is a huge warehouse, where I could wander around for hours trying to find the right place, and even then, the person who received it wouldnÂt know how to process a refund. I wonder if they know how to process a refund if the UPS truck delivers it.
Other than that, it is a nice tool within its limitations. It only is costing me $52 in shipping to find that out. If I had purchased a similar product at LoweÂs or Home Depot and was dissatisfied, I would have been given a full refund with no hassle.

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Sorry, I had my numbers wrong.

I posted just before I left for the UPS store. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay $26. It was only $9.84 ground.

When my wife ordered the trimmer, she asked for the least expensive shipping and was charged $26. Either the handling charges are high or they chose to ship overnight air from Salt Lake City to just north of Salt Lake City.

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I was able to compare the Task Force 18V and the 18V grasshog side by side. I had purchased the Grasshog because the Task Force was out of stock then low and behold it was in stock at Lowes today. Had the reciepts for both so I figured why not. My findings are the same as another poster here.
The Black and Decker is definitely stronger (but also louder). The Task Force is ok but in sections where the Black and Decker was fine the task force got bogged down and required multiple passes (like grassy weeds, thick tall weeds, etc). Edging was also much easier and quicker with teh B&D as it dug a nicer edge. Both took down the weeds but the B &D worked better. Didn't really compare battery life but my guess is it's comparable. It is nice that the Task Force is 20 bucks less but has the pivoting head (though I have no use for it) and that it includes a quick charger (which the B & D does not). All in all though the Black and Decker 18V Grass Hog is the better buy. The Task Force went back only a few hours later.

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I've used one for 6 month or so, and it works just fine........within it's design limitations. It is NOT designed to replace a gas powered trimmer! It will NOT cut heavy weeds with a single pass! It will NOT edge as deeply and cut as wide a grove as a gas powered edger! It will NOT run for an hour while you do your acre of trimming! If you want all that, but a gas trimmer, or a corded electric, and a separate edger.

It will do a workman like job of light trimming and edging, and do so for 30 to 45 minutes on a charge. If you want more run time, buy an extra battery. It will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to recharge, so if you want faster, buy one of the universal fast chargers.

I can't understand why folks would buy a quiet, relatively inexpensive light duty tool, then piss and moan when it won't perform like a diesel duly on steroids!

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I have, and I wish I had read more reviews before buying this worthless tool. I wish I had mailed it back right away. But by the time I had used it, it was to late to send it back. And (from where I live) returning large items like this is such an ordeal. I would gladly give it away, but I am sure no one wants it?

It is worthless with NO POWER AT ALL! It has been thrown off in a corner in the garage (deemed useless) Don't waste your money on this expensive piece of junk! I will NEVER! I repeat NEVER! purchase anything from this company again!!!

I'm thinking on a scale of 1-10 that one is the lowest score I can give it.

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I've been using my Worx gt for a few months and I've found it to be pretty reliable. I haven't noticed anything wrong with it, and it's lighter than my last trimmer so I can do work for longer now. =(

I got it from the site below if that matters where you get it from.

Here is a link that might be useful: worx gt

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i know you wanted responses from a user but what concerns me is the power and will the produce be discontinued before i need another battery

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I bought the WG150 Cordless Trimmer/Edger in a combo set along with a WG250 Cordless Hedge Trimmer, (2) 18V "Extended Run Time" batteries, a charger, a wall mount/charging station, and (3) spools of twist line for $159.99 delivered + NYS sales tax from Costco.Com.

I received the tools on June 2nd and used the Trimmer/Edger the following weekend. I am pretty happy with the job the WG150 does as a trimmer, not so much as an edger. I can tell that I will be needing more line before the end of this summer. I tend to chew it up along the cement foundation of my house, especially along the corners. I guess I'll find out if the 'Lifetime' line offer extends to any purchase.

The unit is definitely underpowered for use as an edger unless you're maintaining an already existing edge outline. Use your flat square spade (you do have one of those, right?) to clean up first then use the Worx to keep it that way.

According to the owner's manual, the batteries need a few cycles of full charge/full use discharge before they'll be at their longest capacity. I did almost my whole house perimeter and 50' of fence line before I had to change batteries.

I'll post more when I use it more and after I give the hedge trimmer a work out.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is the lnk to the combo on Costco.Com although the sale has ended.

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I purchased the worx gt a year ago and find it very easy to use and works very well. Just like shown on tv I might add. I just sent off for my free replacement spools. I sent for 6 which are free and you pay for shipping which was $6.11. It is quiet compared to gas trimmer/edger. I also bought the hedge trimmer which is mostly like any other electric hedge trimmer. The battery lasts me through trimming/edging two yards front and back before the battery starts to run down. The re-charge takes about 1 hour.
I know some have had trouble with being sent the wrong spools, however this was not an issue with me or my neighbor who also bought one.
NO problems here so I would say try it....
I am 60 and female...have no want to stop using it...

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I just bought the Worx GT from Canadian Tire in Canada for 129$ and I'm very pleased with it! However, I do recommend a second battery. Personally, I also bought their hedge trimmer which is using the same battery. So problem solved :-)

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NIMH battery packs also perform at max output until basically completely discharged compared to NICD's getting weaker & weaker through use. The higher the mAh rating = more power applied & longer run times. An NIMH 2200 mAh 14V pack will out perform a 3300 mAh 18V NICD pack all day. After 4-6 months of 1-2 times a week use & charging, you guys get used to decreased run times & buying new packs. I agree w/ stripped threads. But heh...if it floats your boat...

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I am in the process of looking for something new too because my current trimmer and edgers are getting old and I can't find replacement parts, however, in looking into this Worx GT, I did find this web site: http://www.infomercialratings.com/product/worx_gt_reviews.

It looks like you either like it or don't, no one is neutral. I'm still going to look around and see what else is available, but I do like the idea of having a trimmer and edger in one.

Here is a link that might be useful: infomercialsratings.com

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Well, I have to say the infomercial was quite appealing so I made the decision to Google reviews on the WorxGT. On Amazon as well as other blogs there were some very mixed reviews.
Most of the good reviews are from women, so I thought (being the chauvinist that I am :) women don't understand what it takes to make up a good tool. Needless to say I was somewhat skeptical, but the Popular Mechanics endorsement caught my attention.
I have and have had many, many power as well as hand tools and am a tool & diemaker by trade. As a person who is mechanical and has designed and built hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tooling for the manufacturing trades, I like to think I am a fairly decent judge of a tool.

Okay enough of that.

I received the WorxGT yesterday, charged the battery and gave it a test this morning using both the trimmer and then converting it to the edger.

I used it for about 30-40 minutes around the yard. I trimmed an area about 100 linear feet(30' x 20') and edged an area about 50 linear feet in that time frame.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. I am going to keep using it without charging until it runs out so that I can see what the charge life is. In turn, I am going to purchase an extra battery and extra spools of line as I am happy with this product for what I have purchased it for.
I have purchased it for light duty, ease of maintenance, eco-friendly, weekly use.

Many of the negative reviews seem to come from people who seem to expect this trimmer to chop down 1" diameter brush.
I also have a gas trimmer that will handle much heavier tasks. It is heavier and more cumbersome to use for many people so is really not the right tool for me for this job.

I think the Worx GT is the right tool for the right job.
If you are in the neighborhood for a light duty, eco-friendly, easy to handle and use trimmer/edger, the Worx GT fits the bill. I recommend this product without a doubt.

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yes i got one a month ago and it did not impress me at all seems to be under powered in tall grass if any one has any ideas let me know if not i have been shafted

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Well, I'm just common folk that works hard for my dollar......
Notice the common denominator on the majority of the positive views?

I'm just people like you...
Not 100% favorable rating, but certainly VERY good for the money.
Just registered the day of their post and not heard from since. (just search the forum for their names)
Who would go out of their way to register on Garden Web to post to just ONE thread, unless the phones at WORX GT were slow?

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Hey anyone wants one sell mine cheap half off not any good to me. will not do what a gas one will not even close

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I have used this trimmer for two years now and I am happy to say that it is the best television purchase I have ever made. I had just bought a home at the time with a much larger lawn. I needed to trim along the fence where my mower could not reach. The duration of the charge is sufficient. After I am done triming, I still have power left over to edge all around my house on a single charge (I live on a corner!!). The unit is sturdy, versitle, lightweight, and easy to use. The head swivels and the handle telescopes. A great feature is not having to fuss with feeding line anymore!! You just swap out the empty spools and the line feeds itself to the right length every time.

The people complaining need stronger units. This unit is not meant to be used in the wilderness! Its meant for regular upkeep of your lawn at home, which is hopefully in decent shape. Spools for life is handy. Also, all Worx tools work off the same chargers and batteries. I give this unit an A+. It is as advertised. I'm not a sales man or a professional, just an average guy using a trimmer.

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At our house I'm in charge of weed eating. Since I'd never done this before, I thought the Worx looked great and purchased the extra battery as well. The battery charged lasted all of 20 minutes and the second battery wasn't any better. I thought it was pretty weak and I was unable to get all the trimming done that I needed to. I'm returning to my former resolution not to buy ANYTHING from an infomercial Now I'm looking for a new weed eater....Any suggestions?

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just bought one. works great for my wife and I. old corded units too heave and got tired of dragging cord around the yard. the secret to battery life is to let it run down before recharge. Other wise it will get a set memory and will not recharge fully.

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I bought this equipment last summer and have never had a problem with mine. The battery last and I am able to do my whole yard...front, back & side. I'm hearing all these horror stories and sorry to hear that. If you bought it and don't like it, then return it. I love mine and have nothing negative to say.

Oh by the way, my son has my whole subdivision on lock down with his lawn mowing business and that was the reason why I really bought it. He uses it for the whole day on one charge. I just have to keep reminding him to charge it at night. Personally, I love it because my electric one was hard for me to start for me because I have a bad shoulder. I love the fact that all I have to do is call and get the strings for FREE.

BETTER LUCK TO EVERYONE!....No I'm not a distributor for the company, I'm not on their payroll!

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I just got the lithium version. It is great.

Cheap and fast charging.

Here is a link that might be useful: PartsNationwide - Worx trimmer

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how to totally discharge the batteries? is there a instruction?

    Bookmark   June 3, 2009 at 8:15PM
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Lithium battery "cheap"?
Costs 70 bucks half the original cost of the entire trimmer!

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as mentioned in another Worx post:
My sister bought a Black and Decker 18V trimmer ($99) for her smaller yard and thinks it works fine. It came with two batteries and a 2 year warranty. I use their cordless 18V hedgtrimmer for the 60 or so minutes I need to trimm each spring as well. I was at a Black and Decker outlet recently and they had a few trimmer recons for $39, reg price for the recon was $65. They also came with 2 batteries. I have never had any problem with any Black and Decker recon I bought.
I would think batteries would be more readily available thru B&D as well.

Of course the B&D trimmer does not have the wheel...I am unsure what the wheel adds..never had one.

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What ever you guy's do don't buy any product built by MTD/Troybilt/Yardman. I had a Troybilt trimmer model TB90BC,31cc 2 cycle. The reason I bought it was that it had all the attachments to go with it. interchangeable edgerhead, tiller, perfect for my yard. I had it 30 days took the power head back because I couldn't get it started. When I got the new one they had already changed the design some. 2 1/2 years later the connecting rod in the engine breaks and MTD tells me sorry charley nothing we can do. So I say becarefull with MTD/Troybilt/Yardman

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A few recent articles about the trimmer...

Here is a link that might be useful: This Old House

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I got the WorxGT this spring and I absolutely love it. We got the extra battery so we can finish the yard without interruption. The battery has lasted 30-45 minutes, depending on whether we are trimming or edging. I would say that the largest milkweeds were a bit too much for this, but I wouldn't expect any trimmer to get them. I always use a pruner on them.

Know this: I have never been able to successfully use ANY trimmer before, even for a few moments. We have sever angles in our yard and I could not get the electric trimmer at the correct angle and it just killed me trying to hold it up. I couldn't even start our gas trimmer. So, I was wary of this one. Our yard is very big and I thought, at least my hubby can use this one when he runs out of extension cord on the electric.

I am happy to report that, because of the tilting head and light weight, I was able to trim our entire yard ALL BY MYSELF. I am also working on edging it all, a little at a time. That takes a little longer, is less essential, and I'm telling you, our yard is huge. The charge lasted for MOST of the yard, but I did have to switch out to finish strong.

We are very very impressed.

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Okay, since you guys have crucified the WorxGT with reckless abandon. I've got another infomercial product.

My GF wants to get the Garden Groom. It's a hedge trimmer than collects the clippings as it goes and has a cover guard for protection. It's been featured on Discovery Channel and BBC - according to the website.

I'm not a fan of electric garden tools but she thinks it's more eco-friendly. Despite my argument that both the gas and electric tool consumes resources, she stays undeterred.

Here is a link that might be useful: garden groomer hedge trimmer link - let me know if it's any good

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I'm using a 5 year old 38cc Maccullach timmer that has never had even 1 problem.Very reliable trimmmer with no issues.
I haven't heard anything about the Worx GT

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Junkola. Worst trimmer ever made. Sears put their name on it and sells it too. My mom caved in and got one. If I had to use it again I would break if if it wasn't already broken. Heavy on the end and wears your arms out. Very low on power meaning you have to do the work and go slow. Again junk.

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I have the perfect answer that should work for everyone. Just have the neighbor kid mow your lawn for you and tell him you will pay him $1000.00 at the end of the mowing season. When he comes in the fall to collect his money,tell him to get lost.

Pros: Nice looking lawn all season long

Cons: Kid may burn down your house or do a drive by shooting

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I haven't heard anything about the Worx GT

Here is a link that might be useful: hot-dee.com

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I bought the Worx GT after hearing the infomercial. My wife had told me that she wanted to help with the grass and I thought it would be easier for her than my gas powered trimmer. I received it today and got it out and was playing around with it and it does not do what it says. It has one string coming out of it to begin with and the infomercial said that the extendable guard would prevent it from tearing up my wife's flowers. It turns out that is not true because I was 3-4 inches away from the flowers with the guard and it ate 2 flowers. Then it claims to automatically send line when it is too short instead of having to bump it, it does not do that as well. It would send out any line at all. I was not impressed by it at all and when I called the company for a refund, I was told that out of the $67.07 that I spent to have it sent, I would only receive $39.95. Not the initial shipping. Then on top of that, the customer service rep told me that from the $39.95 I would be getting for a refund, I would be charged an extra $10.00 for the "pre-paid" return shipping label. So now, out of $67.07 that I was charged to get it here, I will only be receiving $29.95. After it is all said and done I will have lose over $37. I am really upset!

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My conclusion. Infomercials only appeal to an idea. If you want to spend $150 to tidy up your already well manicured yard than have it. Otherwise, if you live with real yards that need real work, than do your research and talk to the experts (not sales people).

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So after reading all of the reviews I went down to Home Depot where they have the Lithium Worx GT ($129) and they had the Lithium Ryobi 18V string trimmer ($118) in stock side by side. Ryobi has a bigger motor (looks sturdier) and a 12" diameter cut (worx is 10"). It comes with a one hour lithium quick charger. I asked two associates who informed me that Ryobi was a better product and that Home Depot was pulling their Worx GT products from the shelf. How's that for a review! I purchased the Ryobi since I knew I could return it if I wasn't happy, charged it for one hour, and went out to tackle my edging which hadn't been done in months (very tough and thick on the sidewalk). The Ryobi did great. My edging was so tough that I was sending debris flying everywhere and using the auto feed feature every 2-3 feet of sidewalk. I covered my entire yard and side yard (live on a corner) doing mostly edging (which is harder on the motor and battery). I was trying to be fast at first since I had this battery timer going off in my head. I ended up going back and touching up everything twice. When I was done and satisfied with the results the battery still showed 2/3 charge. It's a keeper. Now I just have to find a good discount on replacement reels.

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I would suggest looking at B&D models too. I have a B&D hedge trimmer I use for about an hour or two each year...nothing heavy duty but the thing works great.

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"After it is all said and done I will have lose over $37."

Consider yourself lucky to only be out $37. A piece of Chinese junk like this probably doesn't cost the company who sells it $37. in the first place. See what tools professionals are using to do a job and then choose accordingly. I guarantee it won't be a piece of junk like this. Oh and quit watching those infomercials.

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I purchased the WORX Weed-eater/Trimmer on Mother's day after seeing it on a infomercial. And no it wasn¡¦t a present for my wife, it was a present for me ... :). Well after 15 minutes on the phone with the agent I wound up getting the weed-eater and for an additional fee of $99.99 I got the blower and as an added FREE bonus the 30 minute re-charger...all for a small fee of $226.11. Well when it came in the mail I was actually excited to do the lawn. So I read the manual, which I normally never do, and let the battery charge full. The battery was fully charged in 30 minutes so away I went. Well 15 minutes into doing the lawn the battery died. So I went and recharged it, 30 minutes again. Well this time it lasted 20 minutes. I let it charge overnight and did it again the next day and it lasted 15-20 minutes... that¡¦s it. So today I called up Worx customer service to find out what was going on with the battery and this is what I was told.

1) You're suppose to let the battery charge for 15 hours the first charge and then 3 hours for the 2nd charge even if the light turns green - nowhere in the manual or infomercial does it say that.
2) The battery is only suppose to last 25-30 minutes - nowhere in the manual or infomercial does it say that.
3) The battery uses more power on the blower so it won¡¦t last as long as using the weed-eater.
3) If you didn't get the 30 minute re-charger it could take 3-5 HOURS to recharge your battery every time - nowhere in the manual or infomercial does it say that.
either. At that rate it will take me 5 hours to do my lawn....lol.
4) They offered me an additional battery at $70 ea and would give me $10 off and pay for shipping. I told them no and that they should give it to me for free and I would keep everything. They told me no.

So after 20 minutes and 3 agents later I decided to return it. I had to negotiate the return shipping cost, which after 3 agents they agreed to pay so if you are returning it make sure you push for that cause they would not give me my money back for the initial shipping charge of $26.12. So in the end I paid $26.12 and 3 hours of my life doing my lawn with something I wound up returning. It's a shame because I actually liked the lightweight of the unit and the ease of the edger/weed-eater. Oh well I'm sure they is a better product out there, just need to find it.

My recommendation is do not buy it.... !

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I've not had a problem either the hedge trimmer or string trimmer from Black & Decker. Both are 120v models with plenty of power that are ready to go with no re-charge time.

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Not sure why so many people have problems, but mine is still working fine on its third season. I do have the lithium ion version though. Battery life is good, about what I would expect. My friend has the non-lithium ion version & he liked his, which is why I ended up buying one. I honestly don't have any complaints and I don't take care of mine as well as I should. Now if people are having problem operating the trimmer, I think all trimmers require some finesse to operate well. I know I can trim better now & not cut things like flower than I did when I first got the thing.

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Yes, I bought it off of an infomercial two months ago.
First, it's AWESOME. It's lightweight, easy to hang up on my gladiator hooking system in the garage and I even sucked up 80 bucks and bought another battery so I could interchange the batteries if I forgot to plug the battery in after the last use.
I'm still on the first spool of wire, it came with three (and hey, lifetime supply of line, okie dokie).
When I "PICKED UP THE PHONE AND CALLED NOW" from the infomercial I will say I was so afraid that I would get scammed with a once a month 15 dollar sucker amount I wouldnt be able to stop unless I changed my checking account, but all I had to do to keep that from happening was tell the operator "NO" to all the attitional crap they were trying to sell me.
Bottom line is, the hardest part about this item, is the initial phone call to buy it.
Now back to the workx. I have a three quarter lot including a North Carolina rocked water drainage in the front yard that gets thick quick. This thing has power, it has a LONGER than 30 minute battery life, and it's not some cheap designed POS. Ive read some other posts and I'm really trying to give my two cents as someone that ACTUALLY owns this thing, not some disgruntled dude that hates infomercials.
The line has some twisted design, I dont know if that is why I havent ran out but it seems to hold its own pretty well. Oh yeah, I love the idea of NO GAS, NO CORD, and.. AND, when the cord gets short, it automatically reloads itself. If it doesn't (which it doesnt do all the time), its an easy push button release, which releases about a half of an inch with each press of the button.
It's small, it has a push button safety on it to turn it on (NO PULL CORD OR OIL!!!) I just can't say enough about it. Yeah sure, Sears, other items, corded weed wackers. Yeah, sure ok, but all im sayin is, 200 bucks and a rechargeable battery. I'm in the Army and Im a Warrant Officer so if you can't believe me, that's unAmerican haha. Hope this helps.....It's worth it!

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A whole two months. Wow! Report back after two years.

By the way, I'm skeptical of a lot of reviews on anonymous web sites, either good or bad, for products. There really is no way check their veracity is there? Good reviews are often posted by touts for the manufacturer/seller of a product and bad review by those of their competitors.

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Ok I bought the latest model Worx GT 151-5 from Amazon, it came with 3 spools of line, wall mount, rapid charger (which is wall mountable also) and I also went to the Worx site and ordered 6 spools extra for $6.11 shipping, and then bought the extra battery (Lithium Ion) from Amazon too.

I charged the batteries and deliberatly ran them down on the trimmer twice. Now I can not kill the battery or use the extra one even after trimming my 1/4 acre yard full of ornamentals, flower beds etc, or even after edinging my side walks and my 55 foot long drive way.

The trimmer is excellent and the double helix line is the best there is, I was amazed at the tiny size of the spools and only 10 feet of line on them, thinking that one spool would never be able to do my yard, well 3 months later and I am sill using the same original spool.

If others are saying negative things about the trimmer, batteries and line then they are doing something wrong and should read the manual

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Well what do you know, another poster who just registered the same day that he/she posts a glowing testimonial for this product.

And as for all you ignorant pepole who are posting negative reviews, either learn to read and understand or just shut up.

Thank God this thread stays alive. I love its comedic value.

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I registered because I was investigating the WORKX GT weedwacker I just purchased. I have no used it yet. I AM NOT an employee of WORKX. I did use the Black and Decker 18V everyone was talking about (w/the 2 batteries), and it's not all it's cracked up to be. It did not last me even two years, and I am just weedwacking grass along a fence on less than .25 of an acre. The batteries lost power over time because it would last me about ten minutes, so I was always forced to use the second battery. The string also wound up spitting out a LOT towards the end of its life. I kept putting more in, but it did not do any good. That is why I decided to buy this WORKX GT weedwacker. It's going to be raining here the next few days, so I will be writing back with updates after a few trials.

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This is funny. My neighbor just bought one of these. I do the service on her Ariens ZTR so she likes to show me her lawn care tools. It seemed to have a good amount of power for trimming. Time will tell. I don't expect much in the long run but will update from time to time.

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I has scene this infomercial so many times, that I was literally dreaming of buying this thing. My husband finally suprised me with it, and today is my first time using the product. I charged it like it said, 8 hours. And the light turned green when it was too dark to work in the yard. So I have waited till this am. I used the product for 45 minutes! Straight thru and wow did it do what it said it would do!!! I love that you just click click click and I can reach under the travel trailer and the shed. The only problem I see is that the battery life is only 45 minutes. I called customer service and they said that it takes 8 hours to charge (I thought the infomercial said it would run for 5-8hrs straight!) and that the life of the battery is only 30 minutes. So I guess my 45 minutes was a special treat! My husband is opting to purchase the 2nd battery for 75.00 and after our call, they said they would waive the shipping charge of the battery. Again, it will take 8 hours, and between the 2 batteries I'll get approx 1 hour of use. For a yard out size I'll have to be out 7 days a week working in the yard to get good results. But if you have a moderate size yard (we have 1 acre) then I'd say its worth the money. We called when we got the lifetime supply of thread. And when you can you can order 3 more at a time. Which for myself (I have MS & a bad back) this product is defintely worth the money. If you buy a weed eater at Walmart you'll pay at least 100.00 and you'll either have to fuss with gas (which for asthamstics like myself that is dangerous) or use the extenion cords (for us I literraly have to put at least 3 cords together to do around the house) I say all in all its worth the money. However, if your expecting a long battery life, you'll be sadly mistaken.

I'd give it is a A- simply because I love the product, its light weight, easy to use, the only bad part is that the battery again only lasts 30-45minutes!

Here is a link that might be useful: Familysite

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The most important thing to me besides performance is longevity. Any review which doesn't indicate how long you have been using the machine is worthless.
The lithium-ion incarnation of this trimmer, with extra battery, is close to $200. For a few dollars more you can get an entry-level Echo straight shaft trimmer. These are commercial duty trimmers and are often used all day long by some LCOs.
I have used corded electric string trimmers which are more powerful than battery-powered ones. But most all electric trimmers, regardless of power source, use a single .065 in. cutting line which provides mediocre performance at best.
A trimmer such as the aforementioned Echo has two .095 in. cutting lines. There is no comparison.

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OK 1st use. I forgot to check my time after I was finished, but I know I got a lot more done than when I used my B & D. I did not get my whole yard complete though. I will be using it again today and see how long it lasts this time!. The only thing I do not like about it is the safety button. I have to keep pressing it all the time, but I would probably get used to it. I would agree that it is not meant for heavy duty jobs. If you just have grass that you keep maintained, this is what it is meant for. Check back tonight for trial #2.

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evdpgh - I've had the trimmer for 2 years now, still going strong. Although I haven't timed it, battery life feels like it's the same when I first got it, and on some days more (maybe cooler days?). I got the lithium ion version when it first came out for about $150. I believe they have come down in price to under $130. Will have to agree w/ you though that .065" strings are weak, compared to .096". But unless I'm gonna switch to gas, there's very little choice among cordless electric trimmers.

hard2please - you can let go of the safety button once you get the trimmer going and just squeeze the trigger...til you stop and restart of course, then you have to repeat the process.

I don't know what kind of heavy duty work people do on their yard (unless they're letting it grow too long), but for all the basic yard tasks (trimming, edging, and weedwhacking) this trimmer works just fine and it's zero emission. My yard is 6000sqft and I can trim all of it or edge all of it on one charge, but not both. What I do is edge first, charge the battery, cut the grass, then trim, then back on charge til next time.

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I was looking for information on the Worx leaf blower and found this page first. This is the second year that my husband has used the edger for our lawn. We live on a corner property and this year he is even edging the grass that grows next to the street!! He is a edge-phanatic and he loves the Worx edger. We have two batteries and one is on the charger while the other is in use. The batteries seem to last a long time. I think the company has even better batteries now. I have used it a few times. It is light weight and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

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I didn't even get to try it the second time. It stopped working. The battery said it was charged, so I don't know what the problem was. I took it back to the store and got a new one. We'll try this again. I didn't like the safety button because I DO have to stop to move to different areas of the yard. I would just like it to be a switch or something so I don't ever have to worry about it. Will update soon...if it doesn't rain.

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Bought a worx gt the battery went dead in about 15 minutes We called them to return it and they sent us a return sticker which was suppose to be free ! we did the 3 payment plan and they deducted the 2nd payment after the GT was returned for 2 weeks already! It took 45 minutes to get them on the phone and they are deducting $16 for return postage ! Don't buy one get a Black and Decker grass hog it has 2 batterys and plenty of power!$ 85.00 at Menards on sale or $98 not on sale!

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Glad I read all of the reviews, will not order and will not hear wife tell me, "I told you so!" Thank you.

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FWIW I do have a problem with infomercials in general. First, it has to cost a lot to produce and air over and over again which of course is added to the price. Secondly, on many products they have a hook, such as buy one and get the second one free and only pay for shipping and handling which probably is equal to the cost of the second unit anyway. Thirdly, you can't see and touch the unit so it's hard to judge quality. And finally they make it a hastle and costly to return if you're not satisfied.

For lawn and garden equipment specically, most manufacturers seem to be able to sell their equipment while doing very little advertising.

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We bought the whole package (weed eater, blower and hedge trimmer)about 2 months ago. We made it 1/2 way around the yard before it needed to be recharged, after we recharged it it would'nt run anymore, so we returned the battery for another one since it was within warranty. After the charged us ($75.00)for the replacement battery, and arguing with them for reimbursement they finally gave us the money back and a replacement battery. The second battery only ran about 30 seconds. So after waiting online for about 45 minutes trying to get ahold of customer service to return it she says "its out of its 30 day warranty period" I explained to her that I had been on hold longer than the machines had worked total, and all she had to say was she would forward my complaint.

DONT BUY THEM, the units stink, but not as bad as the wait for customer service.

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My Worx Trimmer died today, it was 39 days old.
Called Worx and surprise after being on hold for 45 minutes (seems to be the standard) was given a 1-866 number to call...which was invalid.
Called Worx a 2nd time and was told to contact the retailer to swap out the lithium battery. The Canadian retailer only sells the unit, no replacement batteries...we had no choice but to return the entire unit, I was not going to waste another hour of my life calling Worx a 3rd time. From everything I've read here...best thing that could have happened.
My advise to everyone, don't believe everything in a infomercial, an ethical company would have better customer service and most important...don't throw away your packaging, you will need the box to return the broken unit to the retailer.
And the most important piece of advice....listen to your wife...can you hear her telling me for the 50th time already...I TOLD YOU SO!
We are now heading to the Black & Decker store!

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Thank you everyone for posting about another infomercial piece of crap. Even the few positive posts on here are NOT BELIEVED BY ME. I think the positive posts are either from WORX owners or from people that used their machine to cut a few blades of grass for about 2 minutes. THANKS AGAIN FOR SAVING ME MONEY and FRUSTRATION by NOT buying another infomercial piece of GARBAGE.

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I got one of these Works GT weedtrimmers about a year ago. The self feeding line started jamming up about the second time I used it. It wasn't a big deal I worked through it. But now the thing won't even hold the thread anymore. I am out $150. They only give a refund for the first 30 days. Not to mention the battery is NOT 30 min on a full charge. Even when it is working to full potential I am not impressed at all. I don't believe anyone's grandmother is hefting this thing around. I have the beginning of arthritis and this tool magnifies that like few others. It doesn't even cut well. This is a flash in the pan product that is only making profits by pushing it with advertising. Watch out for deliberate disinformation in the age of web sites and people working for their advertising dept. that specifically searches out forums like this one.

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I'd suggest that before anyone invests big money in a cordless trimmer they buy a corded trimmer that uses a single .065 inch trimming line. These can be had rather inexpensively and can give one some idea of the performance to expect from such a machine. The disadvantage is that corded machines are much less convienient, the advantage is they never run out of power. Personally I try to avoid batteries, but if you buy something that uses them make sure there are readily available and reasonably priced replacements.

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"Watch out for deliberate disinformation in the age of web sites and people working for their advertising dept. that specifically searches out forums like this one."

I'm shocked, just shocked, that anyone would do something like this.

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Evd: Good Post I agree 100% :).

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I LOVE/HATE the Worx GT. Yes this is an awesome tool, very light weight, easy to use, flex head for getting under stairs, self feeding line, turns on side to edge sidewalks BUT THEY BLATANTLY FALSELY ADVERTISE THE BATTERY USE!!! THEY CLAIM THAT THE BATTERY IS POWERFUL ENOUGH AND LONG LASTING ENOUGH TO EDGE AROUND THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF A FOOTBALL FIELD THREE TIMES >ON A SINGLE CHARGE

    Bookmark   August 7, 2010 at 3:14PM
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Not even going to Waste my time. Going to HD locally & get a Ryobi 18V Lithium one for my parents so if there are any problems I can 'promptly return it'. Not go through this hassles..

Guess these people have had enough experiences with battery life too..

Here is a link that might be useful: Other Reviews of 2010 Worx GT

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Well I did try my Worx GT several times...it turns out I got the older model because I cannot turn the handle when I edge the grass. No I do NOT work for them. I have used it 6 times already, and my charge lasts 32 minutes (yes I timed it). I have normal grass that grows four inches high along the fence. I have a lot of landscaping to trim around. Like a battery mower (which I have), the more you maintain your yard the less battery it uses. It's not meant for yards that are by a forest or anything...more suburban areas. I have used the black and decker with two batteries, and they go bad really fast...that's probably why they include two. I'm happy with my purchase, and we'll see how the battery lasts a year from now. I do agree that it does NOT trim around a football field though lol.

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worx GT at www.costco.com = $79.95 USD
The Worx GT at www.costco.ca = Not Available (directed to
www.TheToolStore.ca = $149.95 CDN
www.amazon.ca = Not Available in Canada
www.Amazon.com = $79.95 USD
www.CanadianTire.ca = $179.95

I'm a little tired of being treated as a 3rd world country (remember the Kindle release - Canada was THE 5th last country - but we were ahead of the 3rd world nations at least)

So..as a Canadian does it not piss us off that our American counterparts (yes I know, 32.5million vs. 334 million, I get that) pay 1/2 price? Even with the dollar hovering near par?
God bless us naive Canadians for this and long-term cell phone plans!

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Sorry would not buy one for $39.99 US or Canadian Funds Friend !

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this tool does not fit to my needs, its made for a yard that is real tiny and my battery died on me and had to get a new one sent to me...this trimmer does me no good waste of money, i tried getting my money back but its past the 30 days but if i could i would get my money back...not worth buying at all...none of their tools...if i would of known i would of never ordered it in the first place...worst mistake ever...i need to buy me a two cycle old fashioned one and a gas powered lawnmower too...DO NOT BUT ANY WORX TOOLS THEY ARE CHEAP!!!

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Don't buy it! It's great the first time. But the Battery is a BIG JOKE and it cost to much to replace. The line is very expensive to replace.

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I have not had any issues with my Worxgt until today. I bought mine nearly 12 months ago and have loved it until today when the spool cap disintergrated. When I tried to contact Worxgt.com.au I am told that the phone numbers on their sight are no longer in service... So how am I supposed to replace parts if I can't contact them???

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Ebay or your out of luck Dude !

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Yes, I have a GT trimmer,have had for a year. It will not trim a football field, It will go around my house then die.I have trouble charging the batteries. I bought an extra battery when I ordered the Gt. I used it twice and it wont charge any more. I like the trimmer because its lite weight,and the wife loves it. I like it because I dont have to have a 100 ft. cord to trim the yard.

I dont know if thay will stand behind the battery, I will call and find out.

You be the judge. Gene Good luck

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I have owned the "worx" for about a year now and Love it! Be sure to get the lithium battery model and 30 minute charger and you only need one battery...by the time the battery runs down you should take a break anyway and mine fully recharges in about 35 or 40 minutes. After drooling over the infomercial, my wife bought mine at our local Ace hardware store. Luckily, it was the lithium model with 2 extra spools and fast charger. Even buying from a retailer, the "free" line deal was good and I ordered a six pack that cost $6.11 for shipping, but haven't even had to use any of them yet. The auto line advance is flawless and saves line. Cuts well and edging is fun and easy! Very easy to use. I felt guilty because I had just replaced a worn out gas Weedeater ,with a gas Poulan...but it was hard to use for me and nearly impossible to edge with. I gave it to my son, who ..after trying my Worx...wants to sell it to get one like dad's. The flower guide is something I thought was a gimmick, but is really handy around my wife's strawberry patch and flowers. Quiet, light, no starting woes and EASY edging makes this a winner in my books!

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I bought mine at end of last season and 'checked it out' for about an hour and put it away for the winter. Got it out this spring, charged up the battery and pulled the trigger. Sometimes the motor will do nothing, sometimes it will come up to speed for less than a second. I have been unable to contact WORX either by phone or e-mail that I may have fixed whatever is wrong. They got my money . . . don't send them yours.

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I bought the GT151 2in1 Worx last year. Worked great for the first 4 or 5 times. Then noticed it only stayed working for about 10 minutes or so. The upon the next charge, the battery showed it was charged in about 10 seconds and the trimmer worked about 1 minute. I think the battery failed so I just purchased another one. I'll keep you informed of the results when it gets here.

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Here's an update for ya. Spring is here in Dallas and so it's time for the first major lawn cutting of the year. I fired up my Worx GT to start its 3rd year of service and just like the years before it's going strong. Didn't notice any difference in power or battery life. Now that I think about, I haven't even cleaned the trimmer since the day I bought it. Don't know if I was lucky, or maybe they don't make 'em like they use to (since I got the lithium ion when it barely came out), but I've got my money's worth, and I haven't burn an ounce of gas.

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What the heck....why would anyone buy this over a simple Black and Decker model thats cheaperm has a better warranty, part and best of all can be returned with little to no hassle.....

FYI: I use a B&D hedgetrimmer...works flawlessly on a single charge for the amount of hedge I have. I do not see why the weedwacker would not perform similarly.....

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I have another question about the worxgt. Currently I have an Echo SRM-265T and use the rapidloader with .155 line for trimming around a near 5 acre property and the occasional fence line or two for a friend at part of his farm. How much worse would the worx be compared to my current setup? Or perhaps I should upgrade to the Stihl FS250R instead and run a fixed line head with 4 lengths of .155?

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I purchased the �WorxGT 2-in-1 Cordless Li-on Grass Trimmer/Edger� at the end of August, 2009. I received it shortly after Labor Day and used it the first time maybe a week or so later. My first observation was that the battery did not last as advertised in TV commercial as it was dead before I finished my trimming. (I only have a 60ft wide by 120ft deep lot.)
Then in the Spring (2010) I was frustrated as the battery did not seem to take a charge and finally was sent the first of two replacement batteries at no charge. I had the same problem with each battery � as they seem to operate fine until after a couple uses then will last for maybe 5 minutes of use after charging. I keep the charger inside my home � charge and store batteries there until use. I generally charge battery the night before I intend on using the Worx trimmer.
Ultimately they sent me a replacement unit which I received at the end of August (2010) and never really had a chance to use.
Here it is Spring 2011 and - you guessed it - the battery lasted maybe 5 minutes. This has been without a doubt the most frustrating and disappointing purchase I've ever made! I'm in the process of sending a letter to them and the BBB. I'm baffled at the 'positive' comments in the forum. I cannot believe my experience is unique

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This is a 'follow up' to my message of Mar., 31st.
I finally got in contact with WORX and 'apparently' the batteries (or some) with a 'orange' release were (are) defective. They are sending me yet another battery. I will say they have 'attempted' to do everything possible to gain my custoner satisfaction. They also told me if I'm still not satisfied they will refund my money (?)
It is my sincere desire to have this product work!
As I have exchanged some e-Mail on this forum re the WORX GT - I will continue with follow-ups - as are appropriate.

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My wife bought me the WORX trimmer because I had back surgery and would not be able to lift a typical heavy trimmer. I've used the trimmer for over two years and have found that the battery is not up to par. I have an acre lot and can not get through with the front yard without having to recharge the battery. My wife bought an extra battery but still it does not even have the decency to wait until I've finished the edging. In addition, the trimmer when fully extended is still too short for me and I'm only 6'-0" tall and still causes me to have back pains. My back has healed and I'm back to a trusty 4 cycle gas trimmer and the WORX trimmer is sitting in the garage collecting dust. The WORX trimmer is a lightweight and should be considered only for those that have a minimal size yard, and if you still are considering buying this product, also stock up on extra batteries.

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I would like this weedeater if the battery would stay up longer. That has been very disappointing to me. Unless they can guarantee a longer battery life, I would pass. Too late for me.

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I really loved the machine, but cannot afford to use it anymore. I have had it for 2 years and had to buy 2 batteries at about $74.oo each. I will not buy another battery at that price for one years use.

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I have one of these pieces of junk, I got a fraction of use out of it last summer, maybe 3hrs total. It want cut anything like a football field.Maybe it will run 10 to 12 minutes. When I got the junky thing out this year it shows full charge after coming off the charger and it will run about 30 seconds. Stay away from this junk, it is all a bunch of hype.

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I foolishly bought one ofthese pieces of c**p. It won't hold a charge on either battery for more than 5 minutes. I gave away a smaller, cheaper Toro and it worked MUCH better. DON'T BUY ONE! And yes, I followed all manufacturer's direction on use and charging, 3" Bluegrass overwhelms this Junker.

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I tried it out and was not impressed. I think you can find plenty of other weed eaters for that price that will do a better job.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weed Eater Reviews

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After reading the comments, I can see I was one of the taken one's! Battery does NOT hold a charge for more than 30 to 40 minutes when new. This spring started to use, would not hold a charge for more than 5 minutes. Love the trimmer as long as it is working but without a charged battery is a use less piece of equipment. I bought it thinking it would save on gas but now I need to go buy a trimmer I can use & depend on working when I need it. Sad that All the advertizing was False!

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I will say that my husband bought this trimmer for me last year. It is definately not for any heavy duty use...more for edging and simple trimming. I have a very large yard and I don't always get done...however the battery DOES last about 30-45 minutes depending on how hot it is outside. The hotter it is, the shorted the battery life. If I am only doing my follow up trimming each week, then I don't have any problems. If I am doing the yard for the first time in the year or I haven't done it in a while, then it takes two charges.
I do love the trimmer and it does do what it said on the infomercial though. With the price of gas, I can definitely see how this comes in handy!

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This is the perfect tool for lawns. I am not aware of any ads stating it is a weed eater. For grass trimming it has more than enough power. The wheels help you to get a sharp straight line.I had the old 18 volt nicd battery system but am looking forward to the new lithium battery system. I definitely recommend this unit.

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I bought the 24volt weed trimmer and am very disatisfied, I have been trying to contact the company for over a month. It is not working properly and they will not answer the phone 1-866354-worx I have listened to their commercials for over ll hours. Sent them e-mail and 2 days later a female called me, put me on hold and then disconnected me. My next phone call is to the better business bureau!! Karen Carey Dos Palos, Ca.

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actually the unit itself works great, its the battery however that will drive you crazy. The have sent me 3 in the past year and none of them have worked more that a few weeks before they die. You charge them, then 3 minutes later they are dead again. Would not suggest any one spend their money on it until the correct the problem with the batter. They claimed they had the problem resolved on the last battery by putting in some kind of computer chip, but the truth is it still doesn't work! Spend your money elsewhere

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I'm on the second battery, the first one didn't last the summer last year, so they sent me a new one. I think the temp in the garage was to hot so the battery failed. Now starting the next summer the battery won't hold a charge. I stored the battey in the winter in the house so it wouldn't get cold, but it won't work again. I wish I had bought a gas trimer like I used to have.

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just bought one this weekend (the 18v version was on sale @ Canadian Tire)

it took maybe 35-40min to charge

with some really long wet grass it did a great job of my whole yard (admittedly not a large space but still)

aftr that i edged my driveway (which has more distance than that of my back yard) and was still going strong when i ran out of stuff to cut

so far .. so good

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I bought one last August and it worked like a dream. All kinds of power and really did a good job on the weeds. This year I tried to charge the battery and the charger will not work, the battery seems good, where do I get a new charger?

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I wish I had come across this posting last June. I watched the Infomercial for this trimmer several times and figured this would be a great trimmer. My yard is about 1/4 of an acre. When I got the trimmer I charged the battery per MFG instructions. I bought the 18V lithium ion battery with the 30 minute charger. I got 2 uses out of the battery then it would not hold a charge. I called Worx and they sent out a new battery pack. This pack looked like it had been through world war II. I called Worx and the rep stated they reuse the cases and assured me that the batteries were brand new inside. Again, I got 2 uses out of this battery pack also. Another call to Worx and the rep stated I wasn't charging it right......WTF??? put it on the charger....light turns red....30 minutes or so later...light turns green. I see nothing wrong with that. She stated that I was leaving it on the charger after the light turned green.

Bottom line.....This trimmer is a piece of junk. I wonder if consumers report rated this thing. If they did, I hope they gave it poor ratings.

Good Luck to all the recent purchasers of this trimmer. If I could offer some advice, take advantage of the money back guarantee now while you can.

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IT's a String Trimmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like any other!!!! Their all the same!!!! OMG!!!! Trimmer - Edger....Seriously???? Just turn it the other way!!!! OMG!!! The free line they supply is sh*t!!!!! Go to Home Depot or whatever supply store and get better line!!!!!!

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I bought one of these in August of 2010 at a local ACE hardware. For my use it's been great, I would recommend it for anyone with a small yard (ours is 85x120 with about 120 feet of walk and drive to edge). It is adjustable to use as a trimmer and as an edger - those items you see near the head are the wheels. In my case it does the work of edger and trimmer. Battery life per charge is entirely adequate. Line adjustment is automatic and so far works fine. We did have a problem with the lithium battery this spring in that it would not hold a charge after working fine last year. WORX is replacing the battery at no charge; mine is on the way by UPS as I write this. Trimmer cord comes prewound on spools; the advertised "free" means I paid about $6 in shipping and handling for a package of 6 reels. The empties can be re-wound with generic line if you choose (10' of .065 line fills a spool).

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I just purchased the WorxGT yesterday. Fully charged the battery all night. This morning I decided to give it a try, my yard is around 1/8 of an acre (pretty small), I was impressed with the power considering its battery powered, however they advertise edging an entire football field on 1 charge. This is completely untrue I got halfway threw my yard and found myself out of battery life. For the $120 I paid next time I'll buy a conventional weedeater, lawn work it isn't exactly a favorite past time now its going to take up more of my time.

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I have read some of the comments and just previous to this I have ordered one and I am waiting for it to come. Hopefully it will be okay but if not I have a 30 day money back guarntee they gave me with a year warranty on the trimmer. I took the 18v but they also have avail an upgraded one The spools of reels they never told me I had to pay for shipping and handling but they gave it to me and I paid in full so I guess they won't be getting any further monies of line. They said it would take 5 to 7 days so I guess I will see then

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We have one and it's been really good so far. It trims like it's supposed to and also isn't heavy to lug around. The battery charges fairly quickly, but I would recommend getting two just so you have one that's fully charged every time you want to use it. The free spools are nice, although be prepared to pay shipping and handling which I'm sure is where they make some more money off the people that have bought this. We like it a lot! And NO it isn't like all the other weed trimmers out there. We had a gas powered one which was WAY too heavy to lug all over our 1 acre yard and we've also had an electric one that wouldn't reach all over our yard. This was the perfect solution for us!

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I have never used a weedwacker before and my husband bought this one so we could both use it. I love it! Now he mows and I use the trimmer. It's light and no pull starting required! Just a push of a button and your off. Love the guide feature on it too. You put it down and use it along fences or flower beds and it prevents the line from wacking your flowers down but gets right next to them to trim the overflow of grass. The only bad thing is it is too short for my husband to use, extened all the way out it fits me very well. Overall I love it!

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The trimmer works ok but the coustomer service is bad.
It take for ever to get in touch with them, and the shipping also
takes for ever,I Would not recomend the product because of this.

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I was just looking for the WorxGT 800 number and stumbled upon this and thought I'd add my two cents.
I've had this trimmer for three years now. My property is .45 acre, but I'm on a corner lot.
In the FIRST year: I could not believe how great it was - it cut through almost everything, edged perfectly, was very lightweight, extremely easy to adjust height and from edger to trimmer, the battery lasted a good 30+ minutes, and you do get 6 spools per shipment with the S&H well under $10.
However, in the second year, the battery power decreased significantly. This became very inconvenient as I couldn't even get a third of my property done before having to recharge. In addition (and this is tough to explain), by the end of the season, the plastic lip around the spool casing started to wear away, causing the line to cut on the jagged edge prematurely and too short.
This season (third year), the battery power is so weak, I can't even get 5-10 minutes out of it � and I can only get 2-3 minutes of full power.
I know that it's always a good idea to have a second battery with products like this, but if it's only going to last 1.5 years, what's the point?
What a crash & burn: my rating of this product after the first year was 5 out of 5 stars. But now at the third year, it's worthless.

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if you want to waste your money, spend hours on hold with customer service and still not get an answer, but you will get a recipe for iced tea and learn how to throw toilet paper on your neighbors trees. then this is the tool for you, its junk and i would love to see someone trim around 3 football fields in 1 charge, if you can trim around a miniture golf hole in 1 charge you got lucky. absolute lies they tell you and its a piece of s--t, so is the customer service

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I have owned one since I fist saw it on TV. Four or more years ago. I am happy with the product and feel these negative responses unfair. I have had to order extra line once, they sent me seven or more spools for the shipping cost. Do you remember trying to find the right line for your Gas operated Machine or how to put it on (restring). Do you have a Double, Single, Want the blade, What size line, Etc., I have a garage full of wasted line for those. Do you remember how hard it was to start those two string gas/oil mix machines? How heavy they were. The vibrations/noise? Did they also have edgers built in? For a woman, older man, or anyone that is tired of pulling and pulling to start those, only to take it in to the shop to adjust what ever, I was. That WORX was fine for light trimming and edging, it won't take down a field. The first three spools of line lasted 4 years or more. It always started. Extra battery is highly recommended. My battery stopped taking a charge this year. It is being replaced because of battery life, too many times left out all winter. It is light weight and feels plastic cheap but does the job. My ex-wife has one too and she loves it for all the same reasons. If you can find that perfect gas powered, start 2-3 light pulls, balanced more powerful machine then by all means get that one, but if not get this machine. It is well worth the $ in the less aggravating to start and getting line for department. I never have to mix gas/oil again. It is not noisy. Two batteries a must. With two I have always been ready to stop trimming before it was. This is not a commercial grade machine but for ease of handling and no maintenance it can't be beat.

    Bookmark   May 23, 2011 at 4:14PM
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THIS THING IS JUNK...Battery life is maybe 10 minutes..Just try to call the company and your on hold for hours..Remember 30 days return from the date you ordered, not from the date of delivery..You have to get a shipping label from them to return it but they dont answer your calls..I'am now in process of dealing with my credit card company, they assured me they will bring an end to this problem. Stay away from this company..

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funny it is the same cost as the Ryobi one hmm trust an infomercial brand or Ryobi gee you do the math LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot Ryobi Trimmer

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I would guess Worx will declare bankruptcy soon, so all of us suckers are stuck. Like most of you, I have a lithium battery problem, with absolutely no customer service response. I have wasted several hours on hold the past week. I called the second phone number listed on their web site, and a Pedro told me I had to call 866 354-9679, as his technical department didn't handle lithium battery problems.

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 11:30AM
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I bought one last year and love it. Very easy to start. Lithium battery lasts plenty long (average size suburban yard) and charges in a flash. Adjustable length for different purposes, easy to edge walk ways with. I love not having to fight with pulling a cord, etc. I like push a button, it starts.

    Bookmark   May 29, 2011 at 9:22AM
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I'm in my 3rd year of owning one AND TOTALLY LOVE IT. In fact, I ordered 2 more as gifts and they love them. It's an amazing little machine. Now I see you can get them at Sears and Home Depot.

    Bookmark   May 29, 2011 at 4:05PM
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I have two and have used the first one for five years. I have two acres of steep hillside and it is perfect. It is not for thick woody growths but it is light weight and I get a half hour of use out of a battery. I have three batteries and if I replace it immediately on the charger can work as long as I like. Easy to replace line spools which I order online. After owning many gas and electric trimmers over decades I have found this the most user friendly. Not powerful enough for six foot tall
weeds and thistles but perfect for most jobs.

    Bookmark   May 31, 2011 at 12:48PM
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Don't waste your money. I got everything and if you can charge the battery it is good, but it only works for about 30-40 minutes. You can't trim a stadium nor half your yard. It really sucks. Now none of my batteries will charge because the charger doesn't work. I have tried for days to get hold of them but can't. If my husband didn't tear up the box it came in I would have sent it right back for a refund. Don't bother with it , they only tell you lies on the ad, none of the ad is truthful. Go to Sears or any other store and buy your lawn tools, at least you can go to the store to return it if it doesn't work. I have the whole package and no way to operate them because of the charger, and before all of this the first battery wouldn't hold a charge. This company is nothing but LIERS.

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I concur with Faye. Though I like the tool when it works, after only a year the battery will not hold a charge. Not sure if it is the battery or the charger.

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I just cancelled my transaction. Waited for an hour for service but I saved $120.00. The worx is not ergonomic. I am a healthy man but i didn't like all the weight being on the front of the trimmer. The battery does not weigh enough to offset the strain on my back.Also, short battery life, the line not advanceing properly, and not enough power for big jobs. If you still want to buy a worx,Sears sells them and usually has them on sale. You save the shipping cost and you can buy the 24v with two batteries for the price of an 18v plus shipping on the infomercial.

    Bookmark   June 6, 2011 at 1:15PM
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I just recieved the worxGT trimmer , and very disappointed ,didn't expect it to work like a gas power ,but for the money and the advertisment it doesn't work. SPOOL line kept breaking in the housing had to pick around to find it , 24 V only run for 30 min . line would cut below the cutoff point after quick use , line did not ever feed automatic , all these are used as selling points sending it back

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I have a Worx trimmer and have used it for about a year now. I like the lite weight of it and the convenience of it. My two biggest concerns are: 1. Getting the replacement spool of trimming line.... you have to call and have them shipped to you. Shipping is fast but if you don't plan ahead your dead in the water. I can't find the spools for sale locally and the shipping is high. 2. The ad states that you can trim a football field with one charging of the battery.....must be a small football field that they are trimming, because I can't trim my yard with one charged battery! My yard isn't huge but I trim my front yard and then have to charge the battery before doing the back yard. Other than these two items, I like the unit and would buy it again. Fast, lite-weight and convenient.

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Saw the infommercial at the end of last summer and purchased the then only 18 volt trimmer. It is light weight and cuts well. The battery life was not near what was advertised, but I have a small yard so it wasnt a big problem. I used it 4 times last summer. Now I dusted it off and used it the first time after charging it and the battery ran down in less than 5 minutes. i charged it again, all the indicator lights on charger worked fine. After it shown charged, I used it again, with the same results. Battery ran down in less than 5 minutes. I have contacted the company an am waiting on a response. If i had it to do over again, i would have purchased the 24 volt black and decker weed trimmer because of the superior drive train and the extra power button. Thats my experience with the Worx GT. Not a good one.

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I bought one and I could not be happier. Is light and does a better job than any trimmer I have ever owned, and I'm 66 years old. the only thing about it is, you have to have an extra battery if you have a big yard, and don't want to wait for a recharge.

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This Worx trimmer / edger is a joke. The edger does not work at all along concrete sidewalks. This unit is not well built, the on/off switch crapped out after 4-5 uses. Any attempt to obtain warranty on line or by phone is a joke. I know better than to purchase items from infomercials, but stupid enough to do it anyway.

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Hi -- I bought one and it works fine but I've been frustrated because you can't pop the spool encasing off. I have remay in my yard and nets around my blueberries and no matter how careful I am, each time I use it, something gets caught and jams it up. Seems like a design flaw to me that you can't just pop off the spook casing to untangle the shaft. I'm going to see if I can get a refund and keep looking.

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Hi -- I bought one and it works fine but I've been frustrated because you can't pop the spool encasing off. I have remay in my yard and nets around my blueberries and no matter how careful I am, each time I use it, something gets caught and jams it up. Seems like a design flaw to me that you can't just pop off the spook casing to untangle the shaft. I'm going to see if I can get a refund and keep looking.

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The batteries are juck they dobt last long on a charge and that with the so-called speed charger do not buy.

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I have had a Worx GT for about 3 years now, and I really like it with only 2 complaints: low battery life, and I have to keep replacing the spool cap. Other than that, it does quite well.

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I love it. I bought two batteries and, they don't last like an electric one, but duh! I am 4' 11" and tiny and this is very easy to use and very easy to adjust after my much taller husband uses it. I'm actually here to buy my ailing mother one. I know she will be able to use it and will love it. Does it clear a field...no, but it isn't meant to clear 2" thick weeds. Its for your house.

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Yes, I have one and love it. Best tool I have. Charges quickly and hold chargefor a long time. Works well in both operations. would highly recommend it.

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DO not buy this junk the battery does not last I have a very small yard and now after 5 uses, the battery does not charge at all.

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I have had mine about 2 years. Main reason I decided on this one is its size and weight. I am a female with some back problems, so I needed something like this. I haven't had any problems with my battery charging yet, but I do know it will fade over time. I am sure to keep the battery stored in my home away from extreme temperatures so maybe that is why it has lasted so long.(I don't overcharge either) It works well for me. I use it to trim up against my home where the lawn mower can't reach. What I really like is not having to deal with oil/gas mixing and pulling a string to start. I push the button and hold the handle and it fires right up.

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My hubby bought me the WORX GT 4 years ago and I love it. Edging is quick and easy. After 3 years of using it, my batteries lost their memory so I had to reset the memory and it's back to working again. The only "con" that we have found is that it's impossible to find a new charger for it. We have been looking for a new one for about six months now. My hubby sprayed ant spray in the charger because it was loaded with ants. This is why we need another charger for it. I love my WORX GT.

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I have the 24v mower and have had it for 2 years and I love it. I charge mine with my solar panels and do a few yards on the side and it goes forever. I use a ryobi lithium 18v weedeater and it does a good job as well plus i can use the batteries for my drills. 2 thumbs up for mower dont know about trimmer

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