TOOMUCHGLASS - beaded flamingo secrets please

giggles1August 19, 2011

TMG- I just broke out all the huge containers of beads I have to FINALLY get some sparklers done, THEN...

I ran across your beaded flamingo pic... WOW! Love it!

Perfect timing.

I ran a search, but couldn't find your post, only where you ordered 24 more flamingos, HA,ha.

Is there a post? I'd like to know what glue you used & did you sand the birds? Any other hints?

I happen to have 2 yucky old flamingo's I need to spruce up. Also, I hate yellow and orange is so-so, EXCEPT in your flamingo... I'll gladly buy more pinks to use up the abundance I have of those!

TNX for the eye candy!

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Hi ! Be warned -- beading flamingos is addicting ! Here's the pic I posted earlier :

There's really no big secret to gluing on beads. I didn't do anything to the bird - just started gluing on beads. I started with small beads in all the indentations that seperate the feathers on the wings. Then I just filled the areas in and went from there. I didn't have a big over-all plan - I just went from section to section & saw where it took me & added what I thought looked nice. I'd draw in lines with a thin magic marker & follow them. I changed the lines alot - no one knows my mistakes ! I used Household Goop for glue - it grabs really fast and holds great .The beads were mostly 6mm & 8mm and seed beads.
Did I answer all your questions ? If not - let me know ! :)

PS - I'm starting my second one soon !

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Very seldom do I see something and not say "oh, that's a great idea, BUT, I would...". This is JUST PERFECT!

Maybe it's just that you & I have the same WACKY eyes! lol

Please be sure to post pics of any new ones!!!

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Love this! Thank you for sharing.

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The photo was moved and can no longer see it. Can you repost? Very curious

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Me too

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I would love to see your flamingo. Please??

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