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bama66May 16, 2014

I've had a few posts here and now I've got another question. Northern alabama, front yard is 90%sun, gets about 2 hrs of late afternoon shade before sunset, back is almost full shade. Planted annual rye grass in October, to hold the ground, (wish I would have used fescue now, but I can't take it back). I overseeded the back with rebels southern blend fescue, which has germinated decently and is coming in good with the rye, but not really taking to the bare spots where the rye didn't grow. Front yard I seeded bermuda, so far I haven't seen anything coming from seed, there is some bermuda coming up along the road, but that was previously there and the roots just re sprouted. My main issue is, how do I get rid of the rye? I don't want to harm or kill the fescue since it is still young, but in the front I have attempted to scalp it, I cut it on 1/2" hoping the rye is the reason the bermuda seed won't grow, because it is shading it. When I planted the rye I thought it would have died out by now, but no such luck and it looks healthy.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Annual rye will die in the heat of summer, and not until.

Bermuda seed will sprout in the heat of summer, and not until. The rye is not making any difference yet because the soil is still too cool for bermuda.

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Should I try to keep it scalped down in the front where I seeded bermuda? One more question, is it too late to seed the southern blend fescue? I have another shaded spot that I need to plant.

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