Patching bare spots with Bermuda sod

gregnga(7)May 29, 2012

I have several bare spots in my Bermuda yard that I want to patch with Bermuda sod. If I lay the sod on top of the bare spot then it won't be level with the surrounding turf. Is there a way to patch bare spots with sod and have it be level.

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Yes, sir. Remove soil underneath so it is level.

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And I mean from the ground. Dig enough of a hole in the ground that the sod fits level with the ground.

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It would be helpful for you to know what is the thickness of the bermuda sod that you want to install. If you know where you are going to purchase the sod from, call them and ask them what is the depth that their sod is cut. It is probably going to be somewhere in the range of one-half inch to one inch. Dig out your area to the same depth as the sod is cut. Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the depth of the area that you dig out. Then the sod you install should fit nicely. If anything, it would be better to have the sod a little lower than the existing area rather than a little higher than the existing area. This will prevent scalping of the new sod. Of course, perfectly level is best. :)

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