Mowing Length of Newly Established Celebration Bermuda

bayloraugustinerMay 4, 2012

Basically, my question is how does one keep the 1/3'rd rule and keep the overall grass height low with newly established grass? I had celebration bermuda installed about 3 weeks ago and it has filled out nicely. In trying to follow the best management practices, I mowed after 6 or 7 days, keeping the (rotary) mower height high enough to avoid scalping uneven areas. Thus, in the time of establishment, the grass grew up to about 2". I mowed two days ago, and ended up taking off too much blade in some spots. I would like to keep the 1/3'rd rule, but in order to do so (after the aggressive growth during the constant watering stage of establishment) I will have to keep the grass above the recommended 2" max height (probably 2-2.5" or so). It seems that I might need to look in to verticutting next spring, but what should I do for now?



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You simply mow when it needs to be mowed.

Common mistake is to think you aren't suppose to mow new sod for some predetermined amount of time. Not so.

The grass should be rooted and holding strong within a couple few days. After that time, it is OK to mow when it has grown enough that it needs a mowing.

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And mow more often.

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So, if it is already at 2-2.5", do I just stick with it at that height, keeping to the 1/3 rule? Or, do I somehow try to keep it below 2", even if that means cutting off most or all of the blade? My guess is to stick with the 1/3 rule and a longer lawn this year and take the beginning of next spring as the opportunity to shorten the overall lawn and reduce thatch build up.

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Let the pro, texasweed, give you the final answer.

New bermuda sod could *probably* take being cut low after being allowed to get too tall. But I'm with you, and would wait. Maintain at the current height this season.

I don't know about you, but we are already in the 90's.

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OK let's first define Scalping because it has two different meanings based on context.

1. In early Spring should scalp our Bermuda and Zoysia to remove the dead straw colored grass from the previous season to promote early green up, remove some thatch, and a good way to control spring weeds.

2. Unfortunately every Bermuda and Zoysia owners will at some time scalp the lawn in the summer. I do not mean cutting it to the ground, I mean removing too much at one time leaving you with a brown lawn. The root cause is too long of a period between mowing. It happens to everyone with a Bermuda or Zoysia lawn. Something comes up like vacation or biz taking your time and you miss time to mow. It is normal. In Summer time, especially after a rain, Bermuda grows real fast. So fast you can almost see and hear it growing.

OK to answer your question your Celebration Bermuda should be maintained as low as .5 inches and no more than 1.5 inches to keep it in peak condition.

OK you have let it go beyond that, no problem just gradually take it down by not exceeding the 1/3 rule. That means mowing every other day lowering the height one click at a time until you get where you want

The 1/3 rule does apply so chose your cutting height wisely. If maintained at .5 inch means mowing just about every day because Bermuda grass can grow .25 inch in a day. At 1 inch means about every other day, and 1.5 inch every 3 or 4 days. So keep that in mind and know what you are asking for.

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