Anyone have a Bad Boy?

texasdaddyMarch 10, 2010

I have used a Lawnboy Insight 10684 for the last 5 years, and I am looking for a new mower (this one still works, but I want to sell it before it doesn't). Can anyone tell me about the new Bad Boy fixed wheel mowers from Tractor Supply? Looks like a burly mower for $400.

I am also considering the Sears Snapper 190cc RWD 675 briggs on sale for $350 now, Honda HHR216VKA, and the 10642 Lawnboy at HD with a 3 year warranty. I prefer the bar drive system from LB - and the 10642 has it - but I am not sure about the quality of this one. How different is the 10642 vs. my old 10684 (they look similar except for the tilting handle)? I have had to clean the carb screw on the Tecumseh several times, but besides that the LB has worked well. Is the Honda thumb drive system reliable?

BTW, lawn is slightly sloped suburban 1/4 acre of hybrid burmuda. Lots of forward/back around trees and childrens playhouse, so I don't want personal pace. Mow from late March thru November.

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I don't know about burly, but needlessly overweight at 105 pounds. Certainly pricey for an off-brand steel deck mower.

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Yea, I thought so too, but the Snapper is 106 lbs. Actually the BB looks alot like the Sears Snapper, but with the Briggs Pro 8.75 engine & spin on filter (not too shabby for a 4 bill homeowner model). Also its made in America (is the engine?). Only info I can find on the BB is for the ZTRs, and the reviews are positive. Guess I'll wait it out since the lawn's still brown.

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One website says it uses three blades and an 8.75 hp engine. That has to be the torque number. Three blades though? One has to be something like a kicker for mulching.

Yeah, I guess 105 pounds is not all that excessive.

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Actually the BB walk behind is considered there commercial level and can been seen here
Check 'em out. I just bought a new Snapper at my dealer and am now contemplating purchasing this mower.


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I have one and LOVE it! I have since found that a John Deere js46 is the same mower, seen one at Lowes and it is the exact same mower. I'm not sure who makes them for who, but I can tell you it gives a beautiful cut, mulches great, and the 8.75 Briggs is a flawless running engine with plenty of power. I say go for it, this is without a doubt the best mower I have ever owned.

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Suffy: Thanks , my Daughter lives in Michigan and asked her to follow up on the Bad Boy Units. I have checked the walk behind unit with Caster Front Wheels Online and may be in the Market . I currently have a Briggs 5HP Quantum XTE in my Mower and have owned it used for 3 yrs with no issues and can do my entire Cutting on one Tank. I have large Rural Grass Cutting needs and the 8.75 Engine would be Nice even if not as economical. I probably will be in the Market for a Rider eventually when I have completed Landscaping , to many obstacles currently to justify a Rider .

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I realize that features like castering front wheels and large rear wheels are used to sell inexpensive lawn mowers. Because most of the weight in a walk-behind is on the rear wheels, castering front wheels are unneeded and will probably make the mower seem rattly and loose steering.

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RB: I'am with you on the Bicycle Style and sized rear wheeled units. Borrowed a Sears Walk-behind once so designed and almost had a hernia pulling and pushing the barge around . I have read consumer reports that the larger front caster wheel design gives a zero turn (almost) ease of maneuvering . From the illustrations I have reviewed the caster design and tire sizing appears to be such that true tracking opposed to a shopping cart shimmy should be realized. But your points are valid and taken seriously . I will have to see what my daughter and other end-users indicate . I did get the info that Mulching vs Bagging is available .

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It actually is a very economical engine, it is well designed and doesnt seem to use much fuel at all.

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Snuffy: Thanx for the follow up information. My daughter is heading down State later this week and is going to check further into the mower . I never thought I would be looking at a Self Propelled Mower , but recently had Hip Replacement and have been advised to reduce the wear and tear twisting action as much as possible . Not quite ready for a Rider yet but may start with the Bad-boy SP . Have not yet decided on the Caster Model until I get the follow up this weekend .

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You're gonna love it... but be careful with the speed control for the self propel...this mower can really get up and move in a hurry! If this rain stops by tomorrow I get to cut again....I can do my whole yard in the same time it takes my neighbor to just do his front, and get a better cut, too.

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