My junk art flowers and mutant frog...

cadillactasteAugust 31, 2012

Our neighbor's son makes these...these are a few we've bought to add color to the yard.

Mutant frog...I've waited a few years on him to make me a frog...requested it...he finally got the junk to design it. One of a kind...he mass produces the others. But the frog is uniquely mine. :O)

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Oh, these are fantastic! Are the flowers made from aluminum or tin? What a talented guy and so imaginative. Love them.

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Thanks! With our redoing our flower beds finally knowing what the problem was "black walnut tree" I feel we needed the extra color to fill in places.

Definitely not aluminum...they are extremely heavy metal that he welds.The frog and the Venus fly trap as I call it are made from free-on tanks. With paint that won't fade and a clear protective coating.

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He has an awesome imagination ! Why can't I have a neighbor like that ? I LOVE his work :)

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Marlene Kindred

Uh-oh! My DH is gonna be soooo jealous! These are all fantastic....I know he will be drooling big time. He loves to create yard art and these will certainly whet his appetite for more creating.


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Wow ... quite an imagination...I love the stems/leaves esp on those first 2 flower pics! Yup...those should solve the 'color' problem @the tree found some good GJ art! Jeanne s.

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Black Walnut is really rough on surrounding plants,I guess you found out the hard way. What lovely color to fill in. The flowers with all the stamens & fancy leaves are great. About how large are they. 1 foot across?? Would give some of those welders idea of what they need to look for. That is quite a frog. See he has his tongue out ready to catch a fly!!TFS Jan

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Marlene...sounds like your DH is very artistic in his own right...I would love to see photos of what he's done as well. I may have to see if I can find some of your older posts.

Jeanne...The stems and leaves are so pretty. That actually caught my eye over the flower. Because the sun light plays off the paint and catches your eye.

Jan...Yes the dreaded black walnut, so glad that I can finally have success with the flower beds now that I know that it wasn't "me" much as my ignorance of the black walnut.

I just went and measured their width across...the top two in my photos are just over a foot and a half. The flower with the tongue is almost 3 foot across. Hope that helps a few inspiring welders out there.

The guy that makes these...actually was laid off from his job and did this to help support his family. He is amazed at how well it's taken off and how in demand these are. He can't even get enough made up for craft shows. Because they are in such high demand that he's trying to just keep up with orders that ones already want and have placed.

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Whew.. .they are fun!! Very talented fellow. Thanks for sharing.

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totally cool! I bet he can`t keep up with demand! I want one!
Tally HO!

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I LOVE them! Exspecailly the venus fly trap. Great color for your garden.

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Kathy...the Venus fly trap is one of my fav's too.

My boys got me the first two for Mother's husband commented when he went to pick them up he had done this one with a tongue. I was like,"I seen that on his site! I really liked it too." So when my birthday rolled around he got me that one and finally the frog I had been asking the guy for.

I like them...but don't want any more. He made a really cool turtle out of horse shoes...but I am at my limit. I want more in the yard besides those...but do enjoy the color they bring and the whimsy.

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For those who took inspiration by these. I learned he has a website. Where you can see more of his work. See his JUNK ART tab as well. My frog as well as some pretty neat stuff can be found there.

The question what they are made out of:
Copied from his site;These Steel Flowers are hand�made and are one of a kind pieces. Each flower is signed and dated by me "Pottsy" the artist.
� The flowers are made of old recycled parts and steel. They are designed to be put�outside�and can be left there� year around. I hand cut, form & make each one so they are all uniquely different.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Those are fabulous! thanks for showing.

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You are quite welcome Kathy.

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spedigrees z4VT

Wow, your neighbor's son is extremely talented and those sculptures are fabulous! I think the Venus Flytrap is really exceptional! It's like a plant from the "Little Shop of Horrors" and you can almost imagine it saying "feed me!"

I'm not surprised that he is swamped with orders. He's an artist with the welding torch!

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