Honda HR194 SX

langle1033March 26, 2010

Yesterday, I did a "real tune up" for my 19 years old Honda HR194 lawn mower. Here were the tasks:

1. Total cleaning in-out, up-down the whole unit.

2. Replace the oil

3. Replace the spark plug

4. Remove and clean the carburator, fuel filter, air filter.

5. Clean and reset the coil

6 Replace the blade

7. Lubrication all links, springs....

Now the Honda will not start and the rope is very hard to pull if I start it in normally way (set the choke on then pull the rope).

But If I set the choke, ENGAGE THE CLUTCH then pull the rope, the unit will start right on the first try and the rope is easier to pull.

Any suggestion??

Thank you

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canguy(British Columbia)

Sounds like the clutch is not releasing. I picked up an HR215 with similar symptoms, the BBC was clogged with grass.

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Canguy: Thank you for the input.

I checked and cleaned the clutch area, lubricated all the springs and linkage. However, the clutch still automatic engaged whenever the engine runs. This is very dangerous condition.

I tried to remove the clutch but the nut just turns with the shaft. Somehow I have to lock the shaft to remove the nut.

May be the clutch needs to be replaced . What do you think?

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