Help name this weed / ivy

Hound_Dog_CharleyMay 29, 2014

This darn ground ivy/weed type plant is starting to take over a portion of my yard. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Also, anyone know of a lawn friendly herbicide that will kill it?

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Sheep Sorrel. 2-4,d herbicide should take care of it.

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Not too sure if its Sheep Sorrel as based on the pictures i'm looking at Sheep Sorrel has much more pronounced flares at the base of the "arrowhead." Plus i've hit these weeds with 2,4-D many times and it doesn't faze them.

Any other guesses?

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Field bindweed aka creeping Jenny/morning glory. Field bind weed is a perennial weed that is hard to control. I would spray it once now and late summer threw fall spray a couple times but it may take a couple years to totally get rid of it. Use a 2,4D, diacamda, MCPP three way like Trimec if your growing a warm season grass make sure to get the southern product. A product with triclopyr, labeled for residential use, will work as well.

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