Mechanic In A Bottle

whitecapMarch 30, 2014

Anybody tried this? I've got an ancient, self-propelled, 5.0 hp Craftsman mower that was acting up. Ran just fine, a month ago, on fresh gas. Hauled it out several days, ago, though, and had problems. It would run ok for a few minutes, then stall out. Changed the filter and plug, no improvement. It would run "in place" without dying, and I let it go for 40 minutes. Thought I was over the hump but, next day, same problem. I went to the HD site to price some of the products mentioned here--Seafoam, etc. The MIAB caught my eye, particularly the number of favorable customer reviews. So, I picked up a small bottle, ($5 for 4 oz.), and gave it a go. Seems to be running now about as well as it ever did.

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Have not seen that product, but it's probably something that dissolves old fuel varnish, as long as it isn't too bad. A new name for a common solvent, I suppose.

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It apparently is much more than just a solvent. Look at the list of claims. None of those are new - products exist to do each one - but they have combined all those into one product. Check out the site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mechanic In A Bottle

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They call it a "fuel additive," but I followed the alternative recommendation, which is to drain the gas from the tank, pour in several ounces, squirt it into the carb with the primer bulb, and let it sit for several hours.

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I have an open mind on this seemingly revolutionary product. But in the back of that mind I notice that there are many bold claims. Let's see how it does.

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Roger that!

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