lawn is coming back only in spots

rickthenewbMay 5, 2014

Hi everyone. In the last 3 years I have laid sod in the front and back yard. The back yard has always been lush and green. The front yard is on and off because of intense sun all day but its spring and should be coming up nice.
I fertilized about 2 weeks ago and have not mowed because its not high enough. I notices some hay looking grass in spots in my lawn and raked both the front and back to maybe "wake up" the lawn. I forgot to do a winter fertilizer last season. Some areas are coming back nice while others are taking there time.Am I being paranoid or is my lawn sick?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Do you mean that you laid sod 3 years ago, or every year for the past 3 years?

What kind of sod was it? Fescue or Kentucky bluegrass?

Since you did not winterize, I'm thinking this is the price you're paying - late greenup. But if you have a lot of KBG in there, it could be the shade from the trees is finally getting to it and thinning it out.

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I laid the back yard 3 years ago (almost no shade)
The front yard last year (almost no shade)
Its a tall fescue sod

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My guess is the kbg in your tall fescue sod has not started growing yet give it some time.

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That's just dormant grass Rick.. it will wake up, give it a few weeks, this has been a really cold spring so everything is taking it's time. Forsythia was almost 3 weeks behind in blooming this year

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