Need a lawn mower

redvetteMarch 23, 2014

Looking for a lawn mower under $400 that is self propelled. Any suggestions? Most of the yard is flat but I do have a stretch that is a hill. I read rear is better. Looking for suggestions since I seem to be overwhelmed. I was hoping for the larger wheels in back.

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The larger wheels may smooth out terrain that is somewhat rough, but generally they just lead to more problems. It is real c ommon to see the wheels bend the the mounting arms. The few brands to look at would be Toro, Honda and Snapper made units. Yes, the rear drive seems to be the way to go.

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I have had many lawn mowers over the years - the large wheeled ones I did not like it seemed like the wheels always got loose - the metal rod holding them got bent or something. I don't like self-propelled because the self-propelled part will eventually give out and then you will have a lawn mower that weighs a ton and trying to push it on your own.

I have trouble with gasoline mowers, nothing more frustrating than getting all worked up to mow and then not being able to get it started. But part of that is probably me, maybe my arms aren't long enough to pull it out all the way.

I had a couple of lawn mowers that developed fuel line leaks which can be quite dangerous/disastrous.

So I finally gave up and bought a Neuton Electric Mower and I loved it - had it for quite a while - it recently gave up the ghost though and if I buy a new one that would be what I would get.

No worry about gasoline, no cost of gasoline, they are light and easy to push, they are much quieter and much safer I think. it lasted far longer than any gasoline mower I had although I never bought one of the very fancy more expensive models. I didn't buy bottom of the line either. Maybe a Lawn Boy like my dad had would have been better if you can afford the price if you want a gasoline mower.

I really liked and am sold on electric, no nasty fumes and when everyone else was prohibited from mowing because of ozone alert, I could still go out and mow!

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Oh, I see it wasn't just me that had problems with the large wheel mowers, its nice to get confirmation that its been a problem to others and not something I did wrong.

I'd avoid them if I could. I think you could get a good electric mower (not the kind you plug in and run with the cord attached but with a rechargeable battery and a backup if you need it) for the price you want to spend.

Nueton was a good reliable product, never had to have it worked on once, but finally the frame and handlebars gave out but that was after at least 6 years or so. Gasoline mowers I did good if they lasted 2 or 3 years.

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I have a Greenworks electric mower which I love. They have a 4 year warranty on their products.

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