add hose clean out to steel deck

stansum(z5 IL)March 20, 2010

anyone have experience adding a hose fiting to a steel deck for clean out purposes? I've got a lovely snapper mulcher and I think adding a hoase fitting woul simplify cleaning. Not sure where to locate it and whether a specific fitting is any better than any other.

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canguy(British Columbia)

Tip the mower with the air filter on the high side and scrape and rinse. You will do a much better job.

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By me, the Deere dealer has kits for under $10. Many are over $20

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I made my own by welding fittings onto my Wheelhorse deck. It was a hassle dragging out the hose, using it, and the mess it made and I didn't do it long. Probably more of a gimmick than a benefit.

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They should call it a rust promoter and not a deck cleaner. Using water to clean your machine will take years off of it. Use compressed air.

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My original Toro had one built in with a flip cap. Using the hose through that little hole would remove some of the loose grass but not much else. Simply flip the machine on it's side or up from the front and hose away. For the really caked in stuff it will take a putty knife.

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If you use a hose to clean the underside of the deck, run the mower a little after the cleaning - helps dry the water off. I used to do that - now I use my leaf blower.

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I used my hose clean-out the first year I go my new mower and all it did was cake the grass in! Wont use it again thats for sure...

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Waste of time and money IMO. A clean-out port won't do as good a job as tipping the mower up and spraying with the hose on a regular basis. If you can't tip the mower, just spray with a hose in front of the right rear wheel while the engine is running and that will do a pretty good job (although you'll still need to scrape with a putty knife at the end of every season).

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