Sod Farm diseases coming to your yard

ZoysiaSod(6a/6b St.Lou TranZone)May 6, 2014

So in Manofice3484's thread "What is this brown circle?" you got the backstory of the Large Patch Disease that's affecting my previously healthy, robust zoysia lawn. In the front yard where I laid 4 large whole pieces of sod two years ago, all 4 pieces are now brown with large patch--the only green is the weeds which have begun growing and which I am happy to have, so I won't be tearing them out yet. Having weeds is much, much better than Large Patch Disease--infinitely better. The weeds are mostly speedwell / Veronica and yellow woodsorrel (the woodsorrel will be a pain to eventually tear out).

If I recall right, each piece of sod I bought from the garden center (which got the sod from one of the local Sod Farms here) was about 40 inches by 20 inches, so about 5.5 square feet per piece of sod. So the 4 pieces of sod total 22 square feet of large patch disease that my yard is now contending with. But that's not all because the disease spread to my organic '70s zoysia from the Sod Farm zoysia so that means 35 square feet of my lawn is now devoted to beautiful Large Patch Disease. That's roughly a 5-foot by 7-foot patch of my lawn that's brown with Large Patch. Wonderful ay. I suppose that's why they call it "LARGE" patch.

Oh, but that's not all, because you remember from the previous thread, that I said the Large Patch Disease "jumped" to a non-contiguous area about 8 feet away (probably via unbagged mower clippings). So this crappy disease introduced to my lawn by the Sod Farm grass doesn't just occupy 35 square feet. It occupies roughly another 15 to 20 square feet in the second non-contiguous patch of disease that also began spreading last year. I wonder if the two patches will merge.

As a result of the large patch, I will need to cut my zoysia higher as the three professors recommend (see other thread), so I'm going back to 2.25 inches from the 2-inch cut last week. May even go to 2.5 later during the summer.

So that's a total of 55 square feet of Large Patch Disease in my front yard. Very photogenic. I'll describe the back yard in another post.

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Disease is always cause by environmental conditions, your lawn being in zone 6 stresses it further causing the disease. You can spray fungicides on it to prevent it.

The most common disease in Zoysia is Large Patch and Dollar Spot, Google it.

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