Killing Crabgrass & Yellow Nutsedge in newly-seeded bermuda lawn

mfl1776May 28, 2009

I seeded bermuda 12 days ago. Prior to seeding, I killed everything with roundup four+ weeks ago, aerated and fertilized. Now, I have a profusion of crabgrass and yellow nutsedge. The new bermuda is just starting to peep out from under the straw. Is it safe to spot-apply a selective herbicide such as Ortho Weed-B-Gone with Crabgrass control to such a young lawn? BTW, I know now that I would have done better to till a few times after the roundup and/or not wait so after the roundup to seed. But, barring starting all over from scratch, I want to know if it's worth trying a selective herbicide first. I'm concerned that the crabgrass and sedge will smother the baby bermuda if I let it go too much longer. Thanks for any advice on this

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Billl(z7 nc)

You'll need to wait until after the 3rd mowing to apply weed-b-gon.

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I did the same steps as above. I have healthy baby bermuda coming up and now all of a sudden, lots of crabgrass. Can I spot spray MSMA on the majority of the crab grass? I am afraid it will choke the babies.

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I have a lot of nutsedge in my new lawn. I have been pulling it by hand - very time consuming but also thereputic.

The following link from might be useful.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have a 39 day old newly seeded Yukon Bermuda yard that has crabgrass and nutsedge coming up. I purchased some trimec classic and sprayed it with recommended amount. It is slowly killing the crabgrass and nutsedge but it has turned small patches of the bermuda light green to brown. Texas Weed posts on this forum and is usually a good source for advice. You might check out his bermuda bible for ongoing maintenance.

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i ahve been a homeowner and member of this board for five years. i never heard of , or experienced any weed as tough as nutsedge. i found this board and was relieved to know i was not the only homeowner exasperated by this incredibly resilient weed.

listen. screw the hand pulling, digging up your lawn, roundup etc. buy sedgehammer. period. its expensive but worth EVERY penny. it really works. you can find it on ebay. i spent $140, but it is enough to last several years.

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wrager(Z5 OH)

Would it be ok to "paint" the offenders with Weed-b-gone and not hurt the baby bermuda?

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Baby Bermuda in Atlanta? Baby Bermuda is an exclusive product of Easton Sod farms located in OK. It is also a hybrid and there is no seed. How did you get it?

Anyway crabgrass is easy to control with post-emergence products. But as stated you have to wait until the lawn is mature and has been mowed a few times. Otherwise you risk injuring the grass.

FWIW you could paint it on, but if you are going to that much trouble, why not just pull it out to begin with and cast that demon back to he!!

Nut Sedge is another issue and very difficult to control. Most of the post - emergence controls just makes it mad and the nut underneath the ground sends up three replacements for every one you spray. There are a couple of product out there like Manage and Sedge Hammer that are effective but very expensive.

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I know that weed b gone isnt supposed to work on nutsedge - but it worked on mine. I sprayed half the lawn with a hose end sprayer but ran out and never got around to doing the second half. The part that I sprayed has substantially less nutsedge now.

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It is not necessary to wait for Bermuda to mature before spraying post emergent herbicides. Studies have shown little to no injury and with all signs of injury gone in 30 days.

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