Fairy garden high hopes...

cadillactasteAugust 19, 2013

I just trimmed my tamarix last night...and stumbled upon a tamarix bonsai this morning. I ran out and collected the prunings...braided the one. Wishing to make a version of this for a fairy garden... I plan on trying several starlings and see which one I prefer. Maybe one with a twisted trunk...off to go play with my scrap pile of prunings.

Roots are to easily form on branches stuck in water...so we'll see...wish me luck!

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Perfect for a fairy garden for sure!

What a cool looking tree, I don't guess I've ever seen one before, I will have to look that up.

So you are going to try and root your cuttings to make a bonsai size one for the fairy garden? Good luck with them and I hope you will post pics of your progress.

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becky_ia(z4 IA)

Oh, I want one too!

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Garden2garden...that is exactly what I am going to try and do! It seems petty simple. I'm a bit crafty and the wiring seems pretty simple. Just have to see if those roots develop. I'll take photos of my progress and definitely share them!

Becky...I've seen a few that weren't weeping. I prefer the weeping style. Even though it needs trained. Good luck! Hope you are successful in your search...and please share photos if you get one!

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I love it but you probably should keep the "roots" contained as my neighborhood went nuts for Bonsai so several bought them right after buying the houses in our tract. Well, next door it is 30 ft high now. Across the street the cute little crooked wandering type shrub once in ground grew & finally they cut it down as was taking over front yard. Man a few blocks from here had business making them but once in ground they go back to large size. I love that little tree, haven't seen that, looks kind of like large trees in Huntington Gardens.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Hope you aren"t growing those in your yard. In Colo. they are considered invasive they take sooo much water. A lot of streams and creeks have dreid up because of them.
Love the bonsi idea. PLease post a pic when you are done.

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Sunnyca that is quite interesting! Once planted in the ground they go back to normal size. I hadn't figured if I would put in ground or a container...now a container for certain! Thanks for the advice...

Sorie6 I've two in my yard...one I call the Charlie Brown tree. For it is not even close to the size the other one is. ( purchased at the same time and they were the same size ) one was planted to close to the walnut tree before I knew about juglone. I've moved it last year...the other is quite easily contained by pruning once a year. They are invasive to certain areas...fortunately for me...they are not invasive for Ohio. I just LOVE them!

Pondering doing a birdbath fairy garden...or another container. I have one indoors...but...could make another for indoors...or...just keep it in a pot in the kitchen window area. Leaving it a Bonsai.

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Roots are growing!!! But...only on the younger/thinner branches. The larger ones I tossed out because I seen no roots forming. So I have just this one...the one I truly wanted to see take root. So that is a plus!

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A photo of what it looks like now...imagine the branches to weep won't start until spring...but we'll see.

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Marlene Kindred

Cool! Glad its rooting for you!

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Thanks Marlene...I also joined a bonsai forum...(waiting on the mod. to accept me but was added as a member) the person who created the weeping Taramix has a post with pictures I believe. (Pictures are hidden until mod. Accepts me) but sounds promising! But it is "Tamarix in training"...weeping form is mentioned.

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Roots really taking form...

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Even have some green growth showing up. :)

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Considering unbraiding it...this particular tree/shrub isn't braided.

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