Please help with my Logan Labs report

oldbat2beMay 29, 2014

Last month, Andy10917 kindly helped steer me to Logan Labs, and I just got the results of my soil test back. I would appreciate general feedback on what to do.

In all cases soil tests were taken at between 1-5", usually around 3". There is not a lot of soil in many places.

Primary complaint - lots of moss, and what I think is Bermuda grass (just doesn't grow). So far this year, I've limed and put down Scotts Step 2 (after the soil samples were taken). We had crab grass problems last year but found that Drive XLR8 worked wonders last year so I'm not too worried about that :)

We're North of Boston.

3 soil tests: Front, Side and Back

Front gets good sun, with shady areas on the sides.

Side - mostly shade.

Back - good sun in afternoon. Sloped back yard.

Here is the soil report:

The next three pictures are of the front lawn. Hopefully you can see the darker sections, which seems the only ones that actually 'grow'. I definitely like the longer grass.


Thanks very much in advance.

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Were most of the 1" samples done in the backyard? :)
Andy10917 is the only person I've seen state on GW that they read soil tests, but he has also stated that he won't do them here. Try Googleing his name and see if you can find him on any other sites.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

That approach just might work ;-)

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Hi yardtractor1 - Yes, most of the 1" samples were in the back yard. A big belated thanks for the advice on finding Andy. Will do!

andy10917 - Googling now...

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