Lawn mower running rough

bryanandsarahMarch 31, 2010

I've got a lawn mower with a B & S 4hp engine that my wife's grandmother gave us. It hadn't been run in 6 months or so and it wouldn't start. I drained all the gas from the tank and put new gas and carb cleaner in it. Checked the oil and it was empty. Put SAE 30 oil in. Started up fine except was running rough and spitting white smoke. I thought the smoke might be from tipping the mower during the repair process and the rough running from the carburator being dirty. I let it run for a few minutes and the smoke stopped and it started running smooth. I stopped it and went inside to get something. When I came back out, it starts up fine, but it's running really rough again - revving high then low then high then low in a pattern and shaking just a little. Also, a little bit of black smoke from the muffler - barely noticeable. I don't understand as it was working well. The only thing I did was add some more gas as I had initially just put a little in while I was working and didn't want to have to stop halfway through mowing to refill.

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If it is a carb on tank model- possibly could use a diaphragm and intake seal. If a bowl style carb- may just need to clean the carb, tank and lines.

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I just looked and it seems that when I put the carb back on, the seal "poked out" at one point, so maybe the seal isn't good. I'm going to try taking it off and reseating the seal and see if that fixes things. Thanks!

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