Weedy uneven ground - Help!

enoughalreadyMay 3, 2009


I really hope someone can offer some advice.

My garden is very uneven ground, covered with weeds (including bindweed).

I would like to sort it out so that it is a flat area with a lawn.

My neighbor has suggested simply digging out some of the higher lumps, and then putting the soil, weeds, grass and all material into the lower dips to try to make it even, and then go from there.

Does this seem like a good idea or will it cause more problems?

DO you have any ideas how i can possibly go about this?

If i get the ground as flat as possible by this method and then turf over and intensively mow / and use weed and seed formula do you think this could result in an ok looking lawn or will it fail miserably :-(

Please note that over the last two years i have tried digging out the weeds by hand to try to level the ground by each year it has proven to be a far greater amount of work then i can manage - i hope this will not be the only way that a lawn if possible.

It doesnt have to be perfect - just a grassy area will suit me as it will be a major improvement from the current situation!!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Depending on the size of your lawn, order a few cubic yards of screened top soil, then top dressed your lawn with it. After that, you can spray the entire lawn area with Weed-B-Gon to kill the weeds.

Spreading of the soil can take a day or 2 with some help, but once you do it, your lawn will even again and your grass will thank you for it.

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