My Craftsmen Mower wont stay running

leshoward47March 13, 2014

Please I need Help My craftsmen mower starts then dies 5 seconds later what could be the problem?

Model# 917.371342
engine is a B.S 5.5 Hp
side discharge
22" blade

Please HELP

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Probably running out of gas - the engine, not the gas tank. usually is foreign matter (dirt) and/or gum/varnish in critical areas of the fuel flow, like small orifices in the carburetor.

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That should be a Briggs- 10T802-0708-EA
Go to the Briggs website and download the correct IPL for your engine.
It'll have somewhat exploded views of the carb.

You basically want to replace part 394, the diaphragm.
Also clean the fuel pick up screen.

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I make guess here what happen. (this what most owner's do) let's see probably used it and then let it set till the next time, now it set over winter after winter, and now it won't run. Only thing worse would be you let is sit outside in the rain and snow.

I would do as suggested above and if you get lucky and it does run again I would review the owners manual on storage and pre-ventive maintenance procedures?

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Well I replaced the Diaphram and gasket cleaned the tank and the orffices real good and still the same problem

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Is the primer working? If it isn't, it is possible that the small BB that holds in the check valve has come out. Other probable causes is the intake manifold is loose or cracked. Also ensure that the o ring at the end of the carb fits snugly around the tube and that it is seated and retained in the body of the carb. Is the spring hooked up to the throttle lever?

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Tom pretty much covered all of the bases. Since you can get the engine to start, but then dies after 5 or 10 seconds, that means the primer is working OK and you have fuel starvation thru the carburetor.

These newer Briggs carburetors are difficult to clean because some of the passages are hidden behind ball bearings or other obstructions. Ultimately, your best solution may be to buy a replacement carburetor. Prices for 795476 range from $25 to $40 on the web, Tulsa Engine Warehouse begin one of the least expensive.

Also, if you don't have an owners manual from Sears, suggest you get one free on-line from The manual includes an illustrated parts list, including one for the Briggs 10L802 engine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tulsa Engine Warehouse

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