Table top fountain leaks

mrsgymAugust 8, 2010

I originally posted this on the home forum, and someone suggested here. So here goes. I have a slate table top fountain, and the base has started to leak. I figured out where the leak is, and I dried out the base and caulked it with 100% silicone. It only lasted a few days, then it started leaking again. I tried plumbers putty, and that didn't do a thing. Do you have any recommendations? I'm throwing money out the window faster than I can bring it in.

I had just replaced the pump before it started to leak, so I really hate to toss it. I appreciate your help.

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Marlene Kindred

We GJers use a website about gluing...I've included the web address. Give it a try.

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What is the base made from? Is it metal or all slate? Is the leak in a seam or is it from a hole? If you had a picture that would help too.

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The base is also slate. I think the leak is in the seam. Thanks all for your help.

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Try an aquarium glue.....

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