Bright green patches

W2IRT(6a)May 3, 2012

Hi again,

Over the past few years I've developed a lawn that's a patchwork of different coloured grasses. 80% is uniform, and fortunately the street-facing yard is the nicest looking but the side and back yards have all sorts of different colours, including some vivid lime-green areas. In addition, these bright green patches are growing like mad; after a week they'll hit 5" whereas the more traditional darker fescues will be 2.75 to 3"

I would say 50% of my lawn needs a sun/shade mix (under tall oaks), 25% can do full sun and 25% deep shade (northern exposure and/or under foliage). In the past I've used Scotts Deep Shade Mix for those shady areas and Scotts pure premium sun/shade mix for the rest. The nicest parts of the lawn up front are using John Deere Landscapes "Park & Athletic mix" and I will be overseeding with this every year from now on.

Any ideas on what I can do to get a uniform colour to my lawn? I buy my supplies at Lesco/JDL in NJ so any specific product numbers and application rates would be appreciated.

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It's highly likely those lime green patches that grow quickly are poa trivialis, a grassy weed that is notoriously difficult to eradicate. As for seeding in heavy shade, you will probably have to use fine fescues, although there are some tall fescue culitvars that do very well in deep shade. Check out to see which ones perform the best in the natural shade trial.

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Wow...that's bad news by the looks of things. Is there any way I can get this repaired in a single season or am I looking at a multi-year progressive fix? I have a LOT of these patches and doing a full kill and lawn regeneration is a frightening prospect, especially because the area is pretty high-traffic.

Are there any selective herbicides that will get rid of this and just let me overseed?

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Poa triv is pretty tough stuff, some even say Round-up won't kill it for good. It seems to come back the next year after that. Even if you get rid of it, then you will be left with bare patches. Some people have had success using Certainty, but I am pretty sure that will harm fescues. Seems like the only real fix is removing the top two inches of turf to get rid of the roots and stolons of triv, and start those areas over again.

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It sounds like annual poa, Try to pull and remove the patches and roots if you can and overseed. good luck.

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Poa annua is much easier to ID since it produces copious white seed heads in spring. Also it doesn't grow very fast like trivialis. If you have tons of seed heads in those lime green areas, then yes I would agree that its annua, but from his description it sounds more like triv.

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