Electrical producing capability of 12 HP B&S Riding Lawnmower Eng

EmergencyPowerMarch 31, 2013

I am doing a little research to find alternative sources of electricity during extended power outages when there has been no pre-planning.

What I need to know is how much sustained current can I draw from the electrical system of a typical riding lawnmower with a typical B&S 12 HP engine with the engine running and with the mower lights forced off.

Thanks for your help. It might save a life.

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The mower you describe would likely have a "nominal" 3 AMP charging system. Subtract a bit for the carb fuel solenoid.
IF it had lights, they are likely powered by a separate AC lighting circuit. The way to tell is-
IF the lights only work when the engine is running, you have the circuit above. IF they will light when the engine is OFF, you would have a higher capacity DC system. Anywhere from 9 AMPs to 25? Unlikely though, on a smaller riding mower.

The higher capacity systems will have a Voltage Regulator. Typically 2 Yellow wires (AC) input and 1 Red wire output (DC). It's mounted to the engine.

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You are not going to get enough AC from the engine's charging system to do anything for you.

Walt Conner

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Unless he riggs the PTo to generator???

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