John Deere LT 155 Charging problems

sandrab_gardener(7)March 28, 2010

I purchased this mower new 11 years ago and never had a problem until lately. I replaced the battery twice last year and the only way I could start it at the end of last season was to jump it off. I know that something is wrong, so I contacted a forum and I was told to replace the solenoid. Since it was late last year, I thought I would do it first thing this season. It did not help matters. I still had to jump it off to start. While it was running and while the hood was up, a connector to the headlight was off and I connected it and when I did, the mower died -- I jumped it off again and left the cable loose on the headlight. I then took the battery to where I purchased it and it was dead too. I believe something is draining down the battery and the manual does not give a schematic for the electrical system. Can you please tell me something else I can check or if I have to have the tractor store come and pick it up and repair it (and if I did, I would not get it back for a month!) Thank you :)

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Let's first start with a known good battery, clean and secure battery terminals (on both ends), check the fuse and either disconnect the light harness or make sure the wires will not short and pop the fuse. I believe that your solenoid is a 4 pole- correct? 2 small wire and 2 big ones. When the switch is turned to start, one small wire to the solenoid will have power and one ground. The solenoid should be mounted securely. Take a multi-tester and see what is going on. To verify if there is a draw, turn the ignition switch off, remove the negative terminal- hook the meter leads in between the cable and the negative post. A draw will show voltage. To confirm if it is charging, hook up your tester to the battery when it is running wide open. Set on DC scale anything really about 12.6v will indicate a charge. Do the same thing on AC scale. No AC is desirable.

Here is a link that might be useful: deere parts

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