Non-yellowing formulation like E6000

rosiew(8 GA)August 22, 2012

The company that manufactures E6000 also has UV6800, which is UV resistant and will not yellow. Sources online I've found: or you can call Ken @ 1 800 347 0930.

Learned one more important thing. Think it relates to both products. Check date of manufacture which is printed across the tube. Best results obtained when product is no more than a year old. Good to know, huh?


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Marlene Kindred

Those of us who use GE Silicone have found out the hard way to check the expiration dates on the tubes. Thanks for the info on the other glue...always good to know!

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Thanks Rosie for the information and verifying that it doesn't turn yellow with age. I will check the expiration dates on my tubes as I usually buy 3 or so at a time of E6000. I was going to order UV6800 but the shipping cost was $15.36. I'll try to locate a store I can buy this from and save the shipping cost.

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rosiew(8 GA)

Yikes to that shipping charge. Which company was that??

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I went to and then to order it they sent you over to The price for a 3.7 oz tube was okay, $5.61 but the shipping was $15.36. The other website was the same for shipping but the tube of UV6800 was $11.79! I think this is used for marine applications so I might try some of the marine shops around. I hope I can find it in a store so I don't have to pay that shipping charge.

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