Honda HR214 Oil Change

hr214March 14, 2010

First post!

Is there a DIY oil change guide for HR214s? My family has had this mower at least since the early '90s and I really don't think it's ever been through an oil change.

Any other info regarding the HR214 would be great. Thanks

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Also, how many quarts will it hold?

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canguy(British Columbia)

Remove the oil fill plug tip the machine on its side and drain the oil into a container. Tip it back on its wheels and pour 20 oz of 30W oil into the fill hole. Dispose of the old oil you are good to go.

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Warm it up, shut it off, tip the mower on it's side and drain the oil out the fill. I'll rest the handle on a 4X4 so it is perpendicular to the ground. I use SAE30 and it will hold just under 2/3 of a quart. You check the oil level just by resting the dipstick on the top of the tube and then reading it. You want to pick up an air filter also if it has been a while. If it is dirty, remove the gas tank clean that and the fins below the shroud. Or if you think it really neglected, it may pay to have a trustworthy repairman go through it. You could Google a manual and I'm sure someone has one online. Good luck.

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If the mower has endured a slow motion perpetual oil change for 20 years, you might take the current oil change one step further. After changing the oil, run the engine until the oil is good and hot then change it once more to flush out some more residual sludge. The crankcase is small so be precise in the amount of new oil added.

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I was told you don't have to change oil on Honda hr214 because it has no filter and it's has OHV. I had mine for 20years and if it needs oil I just add some,checked oil today after it was used all last summer and it is real clean

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This can't be real.

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Honda has invented a 4 cycle engine that does not require oil changes? Amazing!

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Dave: You can't beleieve all the Marketing Hype all 4-stroke engines require routine oil changes every season .
The newer syn. oils reduce the number of changes required annually to usually one for the average homowner. However to state no oil changes required is criminal .

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You are a month late for April Fools Day!! The only way for the oil to be "real clean" after 20 years would be if you are using the lawn mower as front porch decoration and not running it.

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Great Suggestions - I open the drain plug,tilted mower on side, allowed to drain, gently pulled cord to cycle the pistons a few times to drain more. Put about 4 oz in allowed to drain right out, put in 12 oz, cut grass, about 60 minutes. drained, put in 20oz, appears to be a bit low, so going to get another SAE 30 to have around.

Next time I'll do drain and flush with 4 oz, but fill with 20oz and run an hour, drain and refill with 20oz. Repeat every spring. For 5 bucks for oils it's worth it yearly. This mowers beats them all.

I also have owned this for nearly 20 years. Maybe got it in Stillwater in 1993/1994. A repair guy at Northern Tool, said, never let this one get away from you, it's made with more metal than the new plastic models everyone is building these days.


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Everything was okay except running the engine on 12 oz of oil for an hour. Don't do that. Always run only with the oil at the correct level.

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I'm a little confused on how many ounces went in when you ran it. Flushing with 4 ounces if that is what you are doing will accomplish little. Running with 12 ounces if that is what you did is a lot less than the engine needs for proper lubrication. Just fill it, run and change at the end of the season.

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I'm not sure what all this 4 ounce/12 ounce stuff is all about. Just drain as much of the old oil out as possible and refill with fresh. There will be so little old oil left that it won't matter.

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I'am with Orangedotfever lol .

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