Selecting a pressure washer

mowernutMarch 26, 2010

Is anyone out there familiar with North Star brand pressure washers? I found them at Northern Tools. They appear to be pretty well built machines. Some models are available with Honda's GX engines. I'm looking for residential use, but don't mind spending a little extra if it will last. They also sell their own brand which is called PowerHorse, and are painted blue(100% Chinese.) Any thoughts or experiences with either of these brands?

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I have the NorthStar 13 HP (Honda GX) with CAT pump. Cost approx $1300. Tremendous machine. The engine is the best I have ever used. Great power. Personally, I would not consider anything else besides North star. They have many models. This is really premium quality stuff.

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Hey zoulas - thanks for your input. To be honest, I had never heard of the North Star brand until recently. I must say though, they appear to be the best built of all I've looked at so far. I am looking at the 3000 PSI with the Honda GX engine. This model has a Comet pump. The assistant at Northern Tool told me that the Comets are made here in the U.S., and the CATs come from Japan. I guess the CATs are more industrial/commercial? Anyway, I have a Honda mower with a GX engine, and those engines can't be beat. Guess I'll just wait for the one I want to go on sale. Thanks again for you thoughts.

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reed_nj(Central NJ 6A)

It's really not an issue as to the name of the PW, be it North Star or something else, it's really what components they use. Cause no one builds all the parts themselves, they simply order the components from different manufacturers and assemble them. So looks for quality components. The Honda GX engines can't be beat and the CAT pumps are second to none. As for them being built in Japan...I doubt it. Comet pumps are still good and save you a bit of money, just take care of it. Remember, go for GPM and not psi as the determining factor between two washers.

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Thanks for the advice reed nj. The PW I'm looking at is 3000 psi @ 2.5 gallons/minute. Is that about average for that psi?

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