flower pot kids

deegan1August 4, 2014

thought maybe some of you might like to make these.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

OMG those are the cutest. Do you sell them? If so they won't last long!

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You have got to be kidding!! LOL - really those are the best flower pot people I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing :)

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Directions please. Those are just too cute. I can see herbs and sedums and maybe some form of grass for 'hair'.

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I agree....those are by far the cutest pot kids I have ever seen and would also like some instructions if any are available. Real kids shoes? Fronts of kids clothes cut to drape over front of pot? Stumped on the hands! almost looks like gloves stuffed and then again just looks like fabric stuffed to form a puff. And scraps from the clothes for a matching head band! I'm sure most any pot size would be do-able. Gotta Gotta do this Thanks for sharing

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Marlene Kindred

Very cute! They look like they've been to "the islands".....so bright and happy!

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The feet look like socks but match the fabric used for the shirts. I think the hands are 'puffs'. Is the shirt a real shirt or a rectangle of fabric cut to go over the pot? Really want to figure this out. I would love some 'kids; sitting around the yard with herbs for hair. Would look good when over-wintered in the sunroom. Can see them sitting on mulch in a flower bed with their knees drawn up playing marbles, holding bubble wands, butterfly nets, by the pond with a fishing pole....

After a little research here is a link- http://shabbyinlove.blogspot.com/2014/04/how-to-make-clay-pot-flower-people.html
There are also clay pot animals.

A lot of requests about how to do hands and feet on different pot people websites. Please help us out Deegan1.

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Adorable, I think she used a kids t- top & cut bottom off for headband. Hope she comes back with directions! Jan

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These are great!
And look like they might be easier that most.....

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