Lawn Boy 10415

SteveSkalMarch 25, 2011

I bought this non working mower off of Craigslist for $20, took it home and cleaned it all up, drained the gas tank and cleaned it out and put new fuel/oil mixture in, and new spark plug and wouldn't start, after reading that the coils go bad on these things I bought a new coil and installed it and now I have spark but still wouldn't start. I tried pouring some gas directly into the carb and she fired right up but dies right after all that fuel is spent. So for some reason the fuel is not flowing through the system properly, what would cause the gas to not have a continuous flow through the engine?


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The carburetor. Remove it and clean the needle seat assembly, clean all passages. Use a wire, carb spray, compressed air, or other carb cleaning solutions to clean and check the passages.

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Yep. It needs a good carb cleaning. Should get it going fine.

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Buy the way, which year 10415 do you have? The 1993 and 1994 came with the metal Walbro carb and the 1995 model came with the plastic carb.

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katmandu2(SW Ohio)

Anyone know of any "How-To" Videos showing how to Remove/Clean and Replace Lawnboy carbs ?

I seem to always mess up that dang vane govenor thing. :Rolleyes:

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Orange : Good to see you keeping us informed on the Lawn-Boy Saga Cudo's !

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I also have a lawn boy 10415, just purchased and has same issue, no spark, not sure how to remove the housing around engine.
removed screws and lifted pull rope assy, but didn't see anything else holding the molded top to the lower part of cowling, any suggestions? Pls advise

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You've got the 4 screws holding the recoil assembly on and one more horizontal screw in the back facing straight out the back under the fuel tank. It points toward you if you stand like you were pushing it. The rest holding it would just be the fuel line and throttle cable.

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