Bird Feeders

flowers12August 20, 2012

I'm trying out making bird feeders. I saw an example on the web and ran across a chick feeder so made a few. There is a lot of work involved when you have to find all the right nuts, bolts etc. I finally got the hang of drilling the holes after about 6 shattered plates :). People are always asking me for bird feeders and I hadn't made these type before. I think I might stick to totems and plate flowers.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow...they look great, but I can see that they are a lot of work! Love the chick feeder with them. Thanks for sharing these!

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I use a small relish tray on the bottom. This allows the seed to flow down and out the bottle (or whatever) into the relish tray. YOu can see it on the left and of course, the chandelier birdfeeder on the right

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Love the pictures with the birds eating. Love the chandelier idea. How does the seed flow down? Do you use an eye bolt at the top and bottom and not tighten the nuts all the way tight? This is part of the problems I've had trying to keep everything tightened up. I've used nilock nuts and then loctite so the nuts don't unscrew.

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I love them all!!!

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Pretty 'fancy' feeders! You did a great job! The chick feeder one looks quite unique w/the texture & color of the glassware you chose. TFS! Jeanne S.

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Thanks! There are so many different ideas on Garden Web that I like to try to create some of them myself. I do find some of them a little above my comfort zone though. Drilling glass and doing all the hunting for the right size nuts, bolts and rubber washers was more than I bargained for. These will probably be the last bird feeders I make. Oh, Oh, my sister just called and said she found me 4 more chick feeders. hmmmmm can I do 4 more????

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Very cool. I really like the chanty feeder.

Thanks for sharing,

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amigirl(Fl 9)

I've made about a doz. of the bird feeders with the relish tray on the bottom. I drill the glass and use a threaded hollow rod like is used in the middle of lamps to put them together. You can get them at hardware stores. I usually use a 7" one. I use 2 nuts and 1 washer that fit the rods. I put 1 washer then the nut on the end of the rod. Add the drilled relish dish and secure with the other nut. Stack the other glass pieces on and thread a white plastic coated clothesline up from the bottom through the rod tying a knot at the bottom and leave enough line on the top to be able to remove the lid for filling, and tie a loop for hanging.

Hope you understand this. It's very simple and easy.


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Sue, Thank you for the information. My hubby told me I had to put a rubber washer first to protect the glass then a metal one so the nut doesn't wear thru the rubber washer. He thought it would last longer that way. I will go to the hardware store tomorrow and find a threaded hollow rod. That seems like an easy way to make them. I like your idea of using plastic coated clothesline too. Thank you so much.

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How artistic and beautiful at the same time!!!

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Hi everyone,
New to this forum and finding so much to look at and read. Thank you for sharing your information too! Wow, beautiful work!!

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Here's some feeders I've made over the years. I have photos of a couple more but can't find them.

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