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tjmerrittMay 20, 2011

I just relocated to the area and aquired a house with a "not so hot" lawn. Its about a quarter of an acre (front a back); a front yard with significant "dip" in the middle of it; tons of weeds. My in laws came in a helped clean it up a bit and applied Weed-n-feed (which I'm not too much of a fan of) this did kill a number of the weeds but their are still more.

Where should I start to have a respectable looking lawn ASAP then I will take the time to keep it great year around.

What would you do?

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We'll start by gathering more information from you. Please answer the following questions:

* Where are you located?

* Do you know what type of grass is in the yard now?

* What can you tell us about the "weed-n-feed" product that was applied by your in-laws? Name brand, any information from the bag.

* Are there trees in the yard? If so, how many and how big or small are they?

* What type of soil do you have?

* Do you have a reliable source of water? Is there an irrigation system installed, or will it be a hose and sprinkler?

* Can you provide us with pictures of your lawn?

I will assume you have not done a soil test.

Please provide us with as much detailed information as you can, and we will be glad to try and assist you.

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