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briruteApril 21, 2010

Talking at work today about lawns and mowing, and such. One guy was saying he has a Craftsmen 3 in 1 push mower. He said his mower came pretty much assembled and the blade was installed upside down. He says the blade has GRASS SIDE etched in it. While the GRASS SIDE of the blade was facing the ground, the cutting edge was not in the proper orientation. The cutting edge was up towards the deck and was not the leading edge.

I am not an expert as I have an older MTD yard machines with side discharge but shouldn't the leading edge of a blade always be the sharpened edge???

He also mentioned he went into SEARS and checked replacement blades and noticed they are all the same way.

Anyone else run into this?

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When ya have yer mower blades manufactured by folks on the opposite side of the world, things tend to be made in a different orientation--i.e.: Left is right, right is left!
JMHO! Rusty J.

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The beveled edge of the blade always faces UP, but you're saying the cutting edge is not in the correct rotation when you pull the rope?

I know that the Scotts blades are backwards....

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Yeah, when he pulled the rope, the dull edge of the blade is the leading edge. Not only that he said the "wings" on the mulching blade were down not up.

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Maybe it came from Australia?

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In that case, he should use a Scotts blade. Maybe that's what's on it to begin with..... Maybe somebody installed the wrong blade.

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