Converting mulch deck to a recycler deck

ra55April 13, 2011


I have a 72in toro mower with a mulching deck. Does anyone know how to or has converted their deck from a mulching deck to a recycler?

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I'm thinking a mulching mower IS a 'recycler'. 'Recycler' is a trademark of Toro where they use plastic airflow 'disruptors' in the top of the deck over the blade path to force the clippings to be re-cut. Other designs manage to achieve good mulching without them.

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ra55, I'm confused about what you mean. Mulching is a form of recycling, as the clippings are chopped up very fine so that they settle down to dirt level and become mulch and fertilizer. By "recycler," are you wanting to bag the clippings, for adding to a compost pile? If so, you will need to purchase a bagging attachment that is made specifically for your machine (usually in the $300+ range), or a pull-behind sweeper $200-$300), or a pull-behind powered vacuum unit (fairly big $$$.)

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