deere died, won't turn over

Keith16106April 23, 2014

L108 was mowing and it just died and wouldn't turn over again. No click on solenoid. Oil, gas and battery fine. Jump to solenoid and started will sometimes get it to turn over but no start. Other times jumping doesn't work. Tried new ignition and solenoid, neither worked. Where do I look from here, didn't see anything similar on other threads.. Thanks. Keith

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No click typically means a blown fuse.
Next question- if fuse is blown, why?

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Thanks, I only saw one 20A plastic 2 prong one by the solenoid and it's looks and tested fine. Is there another I'm missing? Will try to get the schematic today

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First thing I would check would be ground connections at the frame and on the pos side. Second thing If Briggs might take the valve cover off see if the rockers, push rods are not loose of fell off. remove the spark plugs in you can get it to crank and watch the valves? If all good then I would think wiring Unless you see chafed wire grounding out?

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Clean the battery connections and look real close at the + cable from the battery to the solenoid. They sometimes break through on these. From there it is checking terminals at the barrel connector off that same cable, rear of the ignition switch . On the solenoid 1 small wire should have 12+VDC when the key is turned and the other will be grounded when the PTO and brake switches are in start position.

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