Make a Wish (Wishing Well) :o)

kirkus(5a)August 1, 2011

Hi Everyone! My wife Carol and I received this well when we were married. Through the years, it had deteriorated some so I refinished it last week to add some new life to it. I placed an enamel pan inside & planted pink Gernaniums (On sale) in it. Added a little blue glass and placed it in our front yard to enjoy. :o) Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Awesome !!! I envy everyone that has a nice big yard to decorate !

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Marlene Kindred

Very cool! Looks like brand new...great spruce up job!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Very sweet.

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Nice re-hab! And lovin' the cobalt blue that you & Carol use! Your wishing well looks very cute & here's to many, many more yrs of sweet memories with each other! TFS, kirk! Jeanne S.

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Great rehab job! The blue really sets off the pink nicely! Is that a cement/concrete bear? He's a cutie! Jan

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Thanks for the kind words. :o) Jan, The bear is one of my favorites and was an end-of-the-year gift from a student 15 years ago. He is concrete and soooo heavy. I drag him into the garage every winter...oh my back! LOL

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Kirk...I love your wishing well. Years ago I bought a pattern for one but never got around to making it. Yours is an inspiration...I need to get myself in gear and make mine. Thank you for sharing.


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Very cute! You did a wonderful job on it-painting, planting, and decorating. Thank you for sharing. JLily

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