LawnBoy 10323 ignition module replaced.

rollerzeke(z5)April 9, 2007

Hello all.

I just replaced the faulty CD ignition module on my LawnBoy 10323 today and she is again running like a champ.

I have owned the 10323 for three years and this CD ignition module failure has been the only trouble encountered.

The failed ignition module is LawnBoy part#99-2911 and it has PVL Germany make stamped on the unit.

(Probosch-Vogt-Loos) GmbH of Germany.

The replacement ignition module is Toro part#99-2916 and the package is labeled (Made in France).

I AM NOT here trying to put down the quality of any electronic products made in Germany or France.

I'm just happy with keeping my mowers operational.

My question is, are there any Toro/LawnBoy mowers being made in Germany or France?

Good day.

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lawnmowerdan(ne fla)

toro got the orig cd pac from germany but due to a high failure rate switched supplires to france. the bad news is -they dont seem to last any longer and continue to have a high failure rate

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Failing CDI Units have plagued Lawn Boy since they starter using them. Some here have said you can sometimes "bring them back" by heating them. Some use a torch heating the laminations until the Epoxy in which they are embedded start to melt, others have heated them in ovens. You might try this with your old one. I plan to try it as soon as No. 1 son brings a DuraForce back from storage at his house.

Walt Conner

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Hello all.

Thanks for the info. You guys are the best.
Thanks again.

Good day.

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I baked one at 200 degrees for 20 min and it did bring it back but by the time I got it back to the owner it was dead again.

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Baking did nothing for my unit. I found one in Canada for $26.95 and FREE SHIPPING on Ebay. I called a local dealer and found it for $59.95. He said they are raising price to try to phase out the older mowers. As a comparison he said there is some kind of Honda transmission that was $110 two years that is now $480.00!! Ebay seller's ID where I got mine is Member id rocketcaptain186. Good idea to buy a spare, as they may not be available in 5 years. My mower is only 10 years old and this is the 2nd time I've had to replace it. First Lawn Boy I ever had was handed down to me by my mother 40 years ago and it was 20 years old then. I lasted another 10 or 12 years after that. They had the more reliable points and condenser then.

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