Loss of power

garyvanceApril 24, 2012

I have a Honda Harmony HRM 215 lawnmower.It starts good(usually on the second pull)but it revs up and down and wants to stall when mowing even slightly grown grass.It also sounds like it wants to stall when the bar is pulled to engage the blade.I don't know much about small engines but I assume it has to do with the carburator.I found a new carb for $50.00 on e-bay but would like some feedback before I purchase it.Any info would be apprieciated.Thank you.

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Sometimes the bearing on the blade clutch is dry and needs grease, but it sounds like a classic carb problem of varnish.

If you change the carb, take pictures of the linkages, etc.

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Thank you.Good call on taking the picture.

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Run part of a can of Sea Foam through it, or carb. cleaner.

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