Scalping Bermuda

torxxMay 31, 2011

I have tif 419 and just cut it back from 1" to 1/2" with reel mower (actually it was a combination of my rotary and reel mower taking several passes and bagging).

My question is, can I continue to maintain at 1/2" or should I go up one setting on the reel. Or alternatively should I go one step lower then maintain at 1/2"?? My preference would be just maintain the 1/2" an mow every 2-3 days and be done with it, but my fear is will look scalpy after every cut??

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david_tx(7a North Texas)

Personally, since it already looks scalpy, I'd lower one notch and maintain at 1/2 inch.

I mow at 3/8 inch this time of year and raise it one or two notches as the summer gets hotter and drier. FWIW, during the peak growing season I have to mow every 36 hours to meet the 1/3 rule on the grass blades. Not that I always manage to do that.

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Cut one setting below what you intend to maintain at.

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